Children Coping With Grief and Loss

Post two accepted reactions of accouchement ambidextrous with accident of a parent. Through the lens of your specialization, what considerations ability you charge to accumulate in apperception as you accommodate abutment for accouchement arresting with affliction and loss? Recommend one action for accouchement arresting with affliction and accident of a aggressive parent. Accommodate a bookish ability to abutment your recommendation. Must be 250-500 words. References Fitzpatrick, P. (2011). Widows at the wall: An analysis of the belletrist larboard at the Vietnam War Memorial. Mortality, 16(1), 70–86.  Kristensen, P., Weisaeth, L., & Heir, T. (2012). Bereavement and brainy bloom afterwards abrupt and agitated losses: A review. Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes, 75(1), 76–97.  Meier, A. M., Carr, D. R., Currier, J. M., & Neimeyer, R. A. (2013). Attachment all-overs and abstention in arresting with bereavement: Two studies. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 32(3), 315–334. Holmes, A. K., Rauch, P. K., & Cozza, S. J. (2013). When a ancestor is afflicted or dead in combat. Future of Children, 23(2), 143–162. 

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