Childhood Obesity

 Topic: Childhood Obesity

 Statement Problem: The aftereffect of the Media on Childhood Obesity and Management in the United States

Search and Evaluate Resources  

For this paper, you will acquisition three scholarly, peer-reviewed analysis accessories on your topic. The accessories may be from any analysis perspective: scientific, mathematical, ethical, cultural, or a combination. For anniversary article, accommodate the following:

  • The APA reference
  • A abrupt 3–4 book arbitrary of the article
  • An account as to what makes this antecedent credible 
  • An appraisal of whether or not the commodity would be advantageous in acclamation your botheration account or issue

Your cardboard should be 2 pages. Adhere to APA Style formatting throughout.

Sources should not be earlier than 2015

please accommodate 3 associate analysis accessories for submission

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