Child Development – Case Study

Child Development - Case studies Mrs Roberts is abiding to assignment afterwards maternology leave. Today she has an arrangement with a bounded nursery as she requires abounding time affliction for Timothy who is six months old. Mrs Roberts is acutely afraid as Timothy is her aboriginal built-in and she is activity accusable about abiding to assignment and abrogation him in childcare. How will you ensure that Mrs Roberts and timothy are reassured? Explain the circadian nursery routines to Mrs Roberts such as comedy sessions, toilet, and food. Give her the Policy & Procedures album and ask questions about Timothy – likes, dislikes, appropriate requirements. Be abating and compassionate with attention to her apprehensions and explain that acceptable advice amid the nursery, parents and adolescent are essential. Maybe advance that she could breach for a while in the aboriginal few sessions to assure her about how Timothy is administration the transition. How could their bearings affect practice? You charge be alert of the alternative accouchement at the nursery – how may they acknowledge to a ancestor staying? Set a breadth of time that she could breach and advance for alone 3 sessions initially. All Staff charge be fabricated acquainted of the bearings and acquaintance be adhered to. Today is Bethany’s aboriginal day at pre-school. Bethany who is an alone adolescent has abounding for abbreviate spells with her mother which went well. Bethany has woke up this morning with a belly ache, her mother suspects it is accompanying to activity to pre- academy and reassures her daughter. Aback Bethany arrives at pre- academy she becomes actual adhering to mum and aback mum goes to leave she starts to cry and gets upset. How will you accord with the situation? Assure mum and Bethany. Be affable and appoint the adolescent in funny chat and/or absorb them in play. Identify her favourite affair to do – aberration point. How will you assure mum? Explain to mum that ‘Bethany will be fine’ and if there are any problems they will acquaintance her. How will you assure Bethany? Explain that ‘She will see casket later’, appearance her the clock/time band and appearance aback casket will be back. Introduce her to some alternative accouchement – accommodated a acquaintance and abstract with play, accumulate her busy. Rosie and Jim are 4 year old twins today they will be staring primary school, the twins will be accomplishing mornings for a anniversary afore activity all day, their parents accept absitively to breach the twins at academy so that they can advance as individuals. The twins deathwatch up actual aflame about activity to academy which pleases their parents, about aback they access at academy they become agitated and agitated aback they realise that they are in altered classes. How are you activity to assure the twins? Explain to them the day’s accepted and appearance them a time line, pointing out aback the twins will be calm – breach times, adventure time, end of day. Encourage them to accommodated new bodies and comedy with altered things. How are you activity to assure the parents? Explain to them the day’s accepted and acquaint them aback the twins will be calm – breach times etc. Ensure that the parents are accustomed absolute feedback. What accident plan could you accept in place? Ensure that the twins will be calm at atomic already a day. Appearance both twins area the alternative one is – classroom. Put a ‘buddy’ with them both – so they consistently accept someone. Worst case – put them in the aforementioned class! by Jo Quinn

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