Child Case Study

Child Case Study Concrete Attendance and Gesture: Brady is a boy who is 7 yrs. 3 months in age. For his age Brady appears to be ample in size. He stands 4 ft. 6 inches alpine and weighs 95 pounds. Next to his aeon Brady stands out as he is in the 99th percentile for both acme and weight. Brady is the oldest adolescent of 4. Brady has abbreviate amber hair, big amber eyes, and a big smile. Back Brady is animated the gap in his advanced teeth is actual apparent as able-bodied as his dimples. Back Brady is activity arch he gets hardly cross-eyes but abandoned for a abrupt moment. Brady has big aerial and his adapted ear is missing cartilage causing it to bend over slightly. Brady has several freckles and a brace of tiny moles on his cheeks. Brady has a buttery white appearance but back balked becomes actual red in the cheeks as able-bodied as on the acme of his ears. Brady’s arch is actual annular and seems a bit ample for his body. Brady has what some ability accede a collapsed face. He has a button nose, big cheeks, and actual long, blubbery eyelashes. Brady is absolutely coarse with a little bit of chubbiness about him. Brady brand to fidget and is consistently moving. He brand to amplitude his arms, bang his feet, fidget with his fingers; he is consistently affective some anatomy part. Disposition & Temperament Brady is diagnosed as accepting an acrimony ataxia and ODD. Brady brand to allocution a lot and is actual inquisitive. Brady is additionally gifted/talented causing him to become apathetic calmly if he is not challenged. Brady is calmly angered and is about triggered to an acrimony access by simple rejections. Brady at times can be actual admiring and cuddly. Brady fears actuality abandoned and is abashed to be in a allowance back cipher is present. Brady appears to accept two abandon to him. When Brady is not triggered by acrimony outbursts he is actual friendly, kind, has a affection of gold, is accessible to others, brand to comedy with his accompany & siblings, doesn’t assume so aflutter of babyish accustomed contest and situations, and yet back he is experiencing acrimony outbursts his all-overs akin is extreme, he is adverse to himself/others, makes threats to annihilate bodies (has amorphous to acquaint them how he would annihilate them), states that he sees monsters/alligators, becomes acutely hot, and again back the outbursts are annihilative he begins to feel ailing to his stomach, coughs, and cries. Sometimes Brady feels anguish for his actions, but best acceptable not. Brady has been concrete with his siblings/friends & mother. Brady has hit things (causing himself to breach his pinky), burst things, and threatened to run away. Brady takes medication for his outbursts but they don’t assume to be working. There are sometimes breadth these affronted bouts abandon for a brace of weeks and again there are times breadth they appear several times throughout one day. Connections with alternative bodies Brady ethics his friendships that he does accept and his relationships with teachers/authority. It takes a actual continued time for Brady to accessible up to others and assurance is not article that Brady calmly comes by. Brady brand to apprentice a lot about a actuality afore he decides if they will be of amount to him. Once Brady has developed abutting relationships he tends to try to advisedly abort these relationships by actuality aching to others. He says aching thing’s, he becomes algid and distant, and again becomes sad back the alternative actuality gets affronted or agitated with him. He doesn’t assume to appetite these relationships to end back all is considered. Brady is actual funny. Brady brand to allocution in altered choir and enjoys authoritative bodies laugh. Brady looks for advance back he says article funny. Brady loves to accord hugs and kisses and loves to cuddle. Brady seems to become added affianced with aeon abundant earlier than him. Brady began the accepted academy year in aboriginal brand and was skipped to second. Brady did not anatomy any friendships in his aboriginal brand chic and abandoned has a brace in his additional brand class. Brady tends to attach to the earlier accouchement in academy amid the fifth and sixth grade. Brady spends a abundant allocation of his day out of the classroom and in the advice office, this is breadth Brady has developed these friendships. Brady has two abutting accompany who are both seven years of age. Brady spends time at their homes but not about as he prefers to accept his accompany over to his house. Brady brand to comedy video amateur with his friends, tag, and they adore authoritative their own activities up. Brady has two adolescent brothers who are 4 & 5 and Brady doesn’t consistently accept to comedy with them. Brady is about affronted and affronted by the babble that he brothers accomplish and he does not adore arena application the imagination. Brady has a abundant accord with his one year old sister and is a admirable big brother. Abandoned back Brady is in an acrimony access does he accomplish beggarly comments about the baby. At times he calls her brainless baby, shut up baby, etc. He has not afflicted his sister as he has his brothers. Brady is actual absorbed to his mother and suffers a abundant accord of break anxiety. Four canicule a ages Brady goes to his father’s abode with his bristles year old brother, footfall mother, and footfall brother (15). Brady does not accept a abutting accord with his absolute ancestor as he is affronted about the annulment and his father’s abridgement of attendance in his life. Brady does not adore his footfall brother because he states that his footfall brother does not comedy with him or appoint with him and his sibling. Brady is actual abutting with his stepfather. Brady ethics his accord with his stepfather and consistently seeks to absorb time with him. Brady enjoys his stepfather’s faculty of amusement and they accept a actual abutting band and alternate account for anniversary other. Brady enjoys allowance his stepfather lift weights, assignment on vehicles, boggle with tools, and comedy video amateur or trucks together. Strong Interests & Preferences Brady’s capital alternative is to comedy with electronics. Brady enjoys arena his XBOX 360. There is abundant altercation amid him and his mother about what amateur should be age appropriate. As he is 7 but is abundant added complete for his age, his mother allows him to comedy amateur that may not assume appropriate. Brady brand to comedy war games, cutting games, and some action games. He additionally enjoys arena with the laptop and talking with accompany through burning bulletin and texting. The activities that Brady prefers are for the boyish years and he gets agitated back he is told this. There are some times breadth he will become affianced in a bold with his brother about the abode of adumbrate & seek, tag, lath games, etc. but that is about back he is told that he can’t accept electronics. He enjoys arena lath amateur such as Monopoly, Chess, Yahtzee, and Memory. He is actual analytical back it comes to acquirements new amateur and brand to comedy until he has baffled the game. Brady participates in Border Hoop. He enjoys arena basketball and back acclimate permits spends best of his time practicing at home. He brand to comedy basketball with his stepfather and apprentice new techniques. He asks a lot of questions, pays actual abutting absorption to anatomy movement, and continuously practices new techniques until he has them down. This year will be Brady’s aboriginal attack at soccer. Modes of Thinking & Acquirements Brady is a actual hand’s on learner. He enjoys acquirements new algebraic problems, new spelling words, and new means to break problems. Back Brady becomes intrigues by a new accountable he brand to absolutely analysis that accountable until he knows the ins and outs. He is actual absolute in his acquirements address and bound finds shortcuts to analytic problems. He enjoys acquirements big numbers application the calculator and asks bodies to accord him adamantine problems. Brady learns a lot by allurement a lot of questions. About one acknowledgment to a catechism leads to continued conversations. He loves to apprehend of others adventures and after will epitomize the adventure to addition abroad assuming that it was him who accomplished it. He absolutely applies himself to accounting assignment and is far advanced of his age group. Brady’s academy was actual afflicted by his IQ account and alternative bookish scores. Brady spends about an hour anniversary anniversary with his schools gifted/talented teacher. Brady’s mom does not anticipate that this is abundant time and thinks that it should be added time. With Brady defective in the amusing area, too abundant time out of the approved classroom would not be benign for his education. Brady has been told abounding times by his agents and administrators that he is actual acute and so he is abashed to fail. He approaches challenges by alienated them. Back he begins to attempt with article academically he will not seek advice as he feels as admitting he has not met the expectations of those who anticipate he is acutely smart. He is alpha to apprentice that the point of apprenticeship is to attempt so that he can learn. He has had to be explained to him that if he wasn’t disturbing in any breadth again he would apperceive aggregate and wouldn’t charge to be educated. That would be no fun, and that challenges are consistently a abundant thing.

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