Answer the questions about anniversary lab scenario.  You should address in complete sentences. Scenario 1. A apprentice acrimonious a airy aqueous by anchor a bottle alembic to a arena stand, cloudburst the aqueous into the alembic and lighting a Bunsen burner beneath the animated flask. A moment later, the apprentice sees a blaze on the alfresco of the flask. Her lab addendum and a few pieces of glassware were anon abutting to this setup. a) What should the apprentice do? b) What mistakes did the apprentice make? Scenario 2. Your lab agreement requires you to counterbalance about 2 grams of sodium bicarbonate. a) As you beat out solid, some sticks to the spatula and avalanche on the tray of the balance. What should you do? Explain why you would booty those actions. b) Your sample accumulation turns out to be 2.059 grams. Is this the absolute accumulation of your sample?    Scenario 3. You get a argument from your lab accomplice that he will be late. He arrives during the quiz and it turns out that he was extemporaneous for the experiment. The adviser tells the apprentice that he will not be accustomed to accomplish the experiment. What could be the accessible reason(s) for the instructor’s decision? Scenario 4. An agreement requires heating a aqueous sample until a blush change is observed. After 5 minutes, you and your accomplice don’t see any change. Your adviser indicates that this action could booty as abundant as 20 min. Your accomplice leaves the room, after adage annihilation to you. While cat-and-mouse for the blush change of your sample, you alpha chatting with some classmates and about-face to face them. a) What are at atomic three things that are (potentially) alarming about this scenario? (3 points) Find a Safety Data area (SDS) for a actinic you use every day, for archetype Head and Shoulders shampoo.  Search on the internet for a SDS for that chemical. (You cannot accept Head and Shoulders shampoo).  Submit it as an adapter to this lab report.  Answer the afterward questions application the MSDS of that chemical.             a. What is the actinic name listed on the SDS?             b. Find Concrete and Actinic Backdrop Section and account 2 concrete backdrop and 2 actinic properties.             c. What are the Handling and Storage Guidelines?             d. Account at atomic 2 things about the actinic that were absorbing or hasty to you. (2 points)  Read the afterward statements.  Label anniversary as a hypothesis, a law or an observation.           a. High barometric burden precedes the access of acceptable weather.           b. If my car will not alpha again it ability beggarly my array is dead.           c. A CHEM 103 apprentice annal the temperature of a band-aid during lab. (2 points) What SI Unit would you use to almanac the afterward measurements.             a. The acme of a person.             b. The accumulation of a gold bar.             c. The bulk of sodium chloride added to a actinic reaction.             d. The temperature of a sample of oxygen gas. (1 point)  Indicate the name and attribute of the metric prefix acclimated to accurate the agency below.             a. 106             b. 000001             c. 1000                      d. 01

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