In the movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark", Indiana Jones takes a gold idol from a cave. The bronze is comatose on a table which is chic with a weight sensor. The weight sensor can ascertain back the weight is removed and will set off a alternation of adverse accidents. To anticipate this from happening, Indiana replaces the gold idol with a bag of sand.  The aggregate of the gold idol is about 1.0 L. The body of gold is 19.3 g/mL and the body of beach is 2.3 g/mL. 1. a. Assuming the idol is authentic gold, what aggregate would the bag of beach accept to be in adjustment to counterbalance absolutely the aforementioned as the idol and not set off the booby-traps? b. Let’s accept that Indiana is acknowledged in removing the idol and abiding with it to his laboratory. He decides to actuate if it is absolutely authentic gold. He weighs the idol and measures the aggregate by a baptize displacement method. The after-effects are:  accumulation = 16.5 kg and aggregate of baptize displaced = 954 mL. Is the idol fabricated of authentic gold? Explain your acknowledgment based on the beginning results.

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