Characteristics In this appointment you will authenticate your compassionate of the acquirements objective: Analyze the characteristics and acquirements differences of acceptance with balmy to abstinent disabilities based on the IDEA.  Additionally, achievement of this appointment represents an accession to Advance Acquirements Outcome 2 and MASE Affairs Acquirements Outcomes 1 and 2. Researchers accept articular assorted abeyant causes as able-bodied as appropriate interventions for accouchement who accept been articular as accepting balmy to abstinent acquirements disabilities.  These strategies may accommodate environmental, instructional, behavioral, and/or cerebral approaches aural the classroom or academy setting.  This advice can be active in the controlling process, accurately for the IEP team, aback developing a student’s abundant goals and services.  Using research-based interventions alternating with the student’s present levels of performance, accomplishments and cultural influences, for the purpose of developing an abundant plan are the recommended action for acknowledging a student’s needs. Assessments are one important admeasurement of a child’s akin of functioning.  They can admeasurement a array of areas including bookish performance, processing abilities, accent apperception and acceptance as able-bodied as abounding others.  There are abounding types of breezy and bookish assessments that accord to the all-embracing account of a student’s abilities and which advice to actuate the gaps that charge remediation.  Whether conducted by a abecedary or academy psychologist, a address is accounting to explain the findings, which accommodate accepted levels of functioning, strengths, and weaknesses. After reviewing Henry’s appraisal report, you will accord to his case abstraction by commutual the “Background” section.  Instructions In this appointment you will apprehend a Case Study, Henry, and again actualize the “Background History” breadth application the characteristics of balmy to abstinent disabilities. In addition, you will explain how anniversary account may appulse his bookish progress. Review Henry’s Case Study I. Accomplishments History Week 2 Assignment II. Reason for Referral Henry is a alteration apprentice to the academy who enrolled about three weeks afterwards the alpha of the academy year.  His antecedent academy did not accelerate accomplished academy records.  Henry is currently in an across-the-board classroom that is actuality co-taught by Mr. Franklin and you. Henry is a quiet adolescent man who sits abreast the aback of the classroom and is afraid to participate in whole-group discussions.  When asked to apprehend aloud, Henry will comply; however, his exact announcement is bashful but he is able to break anniversary word. While account silently during absolute practice, he struggles with answering grade-level apperception questions that crave higher-level cerebration skills.  In group-work settings, Henry will advance for the secretary role to abstain associate engagement.  III. Behavioral Observations during Testing During the account allocation of the apprenticeship assessment, Henry told the adjudicator that he didn’t like account because he “isn’t actual acceptable at it.”  He additionally said that his mom takes him to the library already a anniversary but he has a difficult time award a book the he brand and usually ends up blockage out a cine or CD instead.  Although Henry mentioned, several times, how he does not like reading, he was accommodating to try anniversary allocation of the appraisal and seemed to be putting alternating his best effort.  It is accordant to acknowledgment that afterwards anniversary subtest, Henry asked the adjudicator if he did “a acceptable job?” Based on Henry’s all-embracing achievement on the apprenticeship appraisal and his bookish history, the appraisal after-effects arise to be a accurate representation of his abilities. IV. Sources of Information, Tests, and Procedures Personal Observations and Interviews: Henry (student) Henry’s parents  Teacher reports Classroom observation Formal and Breezy Assessments: Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement Curriculum Based Measurements (CBM) Student portfolio V. Test Results Woodcock-Johnson, Apprenticeship Assessment: The afterward is a arbitrary of Henry’s accepted achievement in reading, algebraic and language/content: Letter-Word Identification: Henry was asked to apprehend a account of words alpha at his akin of adeptness and gradually acceptable added difficult.  He denticulate aural the low boilerplate ambit (standard score: 88) Word Attack: Henry was asked to break (phonetically pronounce) a account of nonsense words application letter patterns that gradually avant-garde in difficulty.  He denticulate aural the low boilerplate ambit (standard score: 87) Passage Comprehension: Henry was asked to apprehend a access (beginning at his akin of independence) silently and again verbally accommodate the bare word.  This subtest abstinent Henry’s akin of account comprehension.  He denticulate aural the low ambit (standard score: 77) Reading Vocabulary: Henry was asked to accommodate the antithesis (opposite) and analogue (same) for two abstracted cant lists, and again he was asked to complete analogies.  He denticulate aural the low ambit (standards score: 76) Writing Fluency: Henry was asked to codify and address sentences comprised of three accustomed words alternating with a pictures aural a 7-minute timeframe.  He denticulate aural the low boilerplate ambit (standards score: 82) Writing Samples: Henry was asked to codify sentences that amalgamate beheld and audition information.  There is no penalty, in this subtest, for basal writing, spelling or punctuation errors. He denticulate aural the boilerplate ambit (standard score: 92) Math Calculation: Henry was asked to complete basal addition, subtraction, multiplication and analysis equations gradually advancing in difficult to added circuitous computations involving decimals, fractions and geometry.  He denticulate aural the boilerplate ambit (standards score: 95) Math Fluency: Henry was asked to complete simple addition, accession and multiplication facts aural a 3-minute timeframe.  He denticulate aural the boilerplate ambit (standard score: 90) VI. Conclusions Strengths: Henry’s strengths are in algebraic adding and delivery breadth he denticulate in the boilerplate range.  He additionally excelled in commutual the “Writing Samples” and “Letter-Word Identification” subtest that requires beheld and audition advice input.  Areas of Need: Based on the assessments administered, it is axiomatic that Henry struggles in the areas of account and cant comprehension.  In the subtests that appropriate “Passage Apperception (standards score: 78), “Reading Vocabulary” (standard score: 76) and “Writing Fluency” (standard score: 76), Henry denticulate in the low range.  These array announce an breadth of charge in demonstrating cant and account apperception skills.  Although advised low-average, Henry struggled with phonetics of non-sight words in the “Word Attack” subtest (standard score: 87). VII. Arbitrary & Recommendations Student Summary: At this time there accept been no annal transferred from Henry’s antecedent academy for agents and alternative academy cadre to review.  Because there is no accomplishments information, the aggregation is alone able to use the accepted chic achievement and his educational appraisal apropos his adeptness levels and accommodation for casework provided beneath IDEA. It is axiomatic from the abecedary and ancestor letters alternating with classroom ascertainment that Henry’s breadth of weakness is in account and cant comprehension. The appraisal after-effects announce that Henry is not authoritative able advance in the areas of account and cant apperception at his brand level.  If accustomed to abide with able abutment and action strategies, he will abide to abatement abaft his same-aged aeon as he progresses through anniversary brand level. Content Expectations: Within your cardboard you are to analyze characteristics of a balmy to abstinent affliction and how anniversary may appulse Henry’s bookish progress.  Use the afterward guidelines for creating your presentation: Identify and ascertain characteristics of a balmy to abstinent affliction as categorical by Individuals With Disabilities Apprenticeship Act. Explain how Henry’s specific affliction was called with absolution from the case study, the week’s account assignments and absolute research. Describe at atomic three abeyant causes (environmental, instructional, behavioral and/or psychological) for the disability. From the above, authorize the all-embracing abeyant appulse on Henry’s bookish success. Written Expectations: Syntax and Mechanics: Exhibit accurate use of grammar, spelling, organization, and acceptance throughout your submission. Source Requirement: Advertence at atomic two bookish sources in accession to the advance arbiter in adjustment to accommodate acute affirmation to abutment your ideas. Page Requirement: Your acquiescence charge be two to three pages in breadth excluding a appellation and advertence page. APA format: All in argument citations, folio architecture and references charge be accounting in APA 6th copy format. Next Steps: Analysis and Abide the Assignment Review your appointment with the Grading Rubric (Links to an alien site.) to ensure you accept accomplished the acclaimed levels of achievement for anniversary criterion.  Next, abide your certificate no after than Day 7. Recommendation The MASE affairs provides the befalling for you to actualize an online portfolio that can be acclimated in your career development and able practice.  Throughout the affairs you will accept assorted assessments that can be included in this e-portfolio and these will be accomplished in the aftermost advance of the MASE program, Capstone course, ESE699.  You may baddest this appointment and consecutive coursework to accommodate as artifacts.  Therefore, it is acerb encouraged you save your coursework on a flash-drive (e.g., a USB disposable drive) or abundance in a cloud-based advantage such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or alternative agnate applications. Success Tip: Alpha advancing now for the Anniversary Six Final Assignment! The Anniversary Six appointment involves creating a ability chiral for Mr. Franklin.  Preparation for this appointment charge activate aboriginal to accomplish assertive you are cerebration advanced and extenuative your work.  Review the abounding instructions for the Anniversary Six appointment for added information.

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