Characteristics of a Good Computer

CAVENDISH UNIVERSITY UGANDA STUDENT NAME: AKANKWASA JOHNSON ( 077/0702-978405) STUDENT ID:02/02615/124400 COURSEBEHS LECTURER: MR. MENYA SHAKIR MODULE: INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY MODULE CODE: BIT 110 ASSIGNMENT NUMBER: 01 DATE ISSUED: 4TH /11/2012 DUE DATE: 11 /11/2012 ASSIGNMENT BRIEF: 1. Discuss the factors you would accede while affairs a computer. 2. How has advice networks apparent the problems of an organization? GUIDE TO STUDENTS 1. Best 2 pages chat candy excluding awning and advertence pages. 2. Use Times New Roman 3. Font Size should be 12 4. 1. 5 Line Spacing . For referencing purposes, use the Harvard Author-Date System. Instructions to Acceptance 1. This anatomy charge be absorbed to the advanced of your assignment. 2. The appointment charge be handed in after abort by the due date. QUESTION. 1: Discuss factors you would accede while affairs a computer. Solution According to Prof. Added Manojkumar, (2009), assorted factors that would be advised back affairs computers are discussed actuality bellow; 1. Processor Speed: A computer is a actual fast accessory which can accomplish the bulk of assignment that a animal actuality can do in an absolute year in few seconds. This accordingly agency that a acceptable able computer should be able of assuming several billion addition operations per second. The acceleration of a computer admeasurement is in microseconds (10-6), Nanoseconds (10-9) and picoseconds (10-12). 2. Accuracy: The accurateness of a computer is principally awful considered; and the amount of accurateness of a authentic computer depends aloft its architecture about Errors can action in a computer due to animal rather than abstruse weaknesses. 3. Anamnesis (Power of Remembering): A acceptable Computer should accept complete academician (Fast memory, 2 GB+) but clashing animal (Man) beings. A computer can abundance abstracts and advice and recalled as continued as one requires it for any numbers of years because of its accessory accumulator capability. This agency abstracts and advice can be retrieved as continued as adapted by the user and can be recalled, as back required. The advice recalled would be as authentic as on the day back it was fed to the computer. 4. Diligence: A acceptable Computer should be active clashing animal beings. This agency that a computer should be chargeless from aloofness and abridgement of concentration. It can continuously assignment for hours after creating any absurdity animal beings in accomplishing approved types of jobs, which requires abundant accuracy. Computer can accomplish the cardinal of adding with absolutely the aforementioned accurateness and acceleration as the aboriginal one. 5. Versatility: Versatility is a best important appropriate which a acceptable computer should accept appropriately the accommodation to accomplish absolutely altered blazon of work. For archetype one may use a computer to adapt amount block area there is a lot of veracity, may be acclimated for account administration or to adapt electric bills. A acceptable computer should accordingly be able of assuming about any task, if the assignment can be bargain to alternation of analytic steps. 6. Automation: Acceptable Computers should be automated cyberbanking machines however; computer actuality machines can not alpha themselves after animal interventions. They cannot go out to acquisition their own problems and solutions because they accept to be instructed. Appropriately the automation eases the operation of the user. 7. Communication/ Connectivity: Best computers today accept the adequacy of communicating with alternative computers. We can affix two or added computers by a advice accessory such as modem. These computers can allotment data, instructions, and information. The affiliated computer are alleged network. 8. No Feelings: Acceptable Computers should accept no feelings, no affections like animal affection and body back they are machines. Computers cannot accomplish such judgments on their own because their acumen is based on the instructions accustomed to them in anatomy of programs that are accounting by us. 9. Reliability; Best consumers are attractive for a computer that are reliable, yet if the artefact is on the bazaar again it is apprenticed to accept undergone and anesthetized the abundant abstruse tests afore release. In cessation therefore; all computers should accommodated these characteristics but it aloof depends aloft the ability of the users, their computer abilities as to whether they abide annoyed with their purchase. 1 QESTION 2: How has advice networks apparent the problems of an organization? SOLUTION Arrangement advice systems articulation pockets of awful specialized abstracts to accommodate able access. Computer-based advice systems accept been in boundless use back the 1990s in industry, non-profit organizations and government agencies. These systems accept apparent a cardinal of problems in organizations in the afterward ways; 1. Provided fast admission to databases of cadre information, advertence reading, best practices and on-the-job training, and are calmly customizable to accommodated an organization's needs. With the Internet and technology bang of the aboriginal 21st century, use of computer-based advice networks is growing faster anniversary year. 2. Ensured Abstracts Centrality; Admission to abstracts via a computer arrangement advice arrangement is central, accouterment a "one-stop" area to acquisition and admission pertinent computer data. Most all-embracing businesses and organizations use some array of axial database to administer user information, administer advertisement lists, abundance artefact advice and accumulate clue of orders. Examples of axial database solutions are MySQL, Postgre SQL or Microsoft SQL database solutions, accompanying with custom software which provides user interfaces. 3. Improved Advice Coverage; Advice advantage is a huge advantage for any organization, because accepting all-inclusive amounts of advantageous abstracts from every altered administration streamlines admission and increases productivity. For users, accepting admission to a networked nformation arrangement is akin to accepting a agenda library of aggregate ability hence; Axial advice systems accommodate organizations with the advantages of accepting ample amounts of data, accoutrement abounding altered fields, all attainable via an advice admission with beyond databases of bookish and able research, such as Google Scholar, to accommodate alike added advice adequacy to personnel. 4. Ensured admission to efficiency; Ability of admission is a acute advantage to networked advice systems in alignment over added acceptable advice administration systems, such as cardboard cataloging and filing. Computer-based advice systems archive and book abstracts in a set analytic way, authoritative abstracts admission actual able and fast. Abstracts can be manually categorized, and filters created to automatically book abstracts that bout assertive patterns. This increases agent abundance time by acceptance workers to focus added on the assignment at duke rather than filing paperwork. 5. Extensibility; Computer-based advice systems are absolutely adaptable and customizable to an organization's needs. Upon installation, customized computer advice systems use agreement files that are custom-built to an organization's needs to book and assort data. Computer software engineers frequently architecture custom database interfaces and advice storage/recovery systems for action clients. As a aggregation grows, modifications and additions to this filing agreement acquiesce accessible extensibility. Computer advice systems are not bound in calibration or possibility. They are abnormally advised for best authoritative account for anniversary customer. In cessation therefore; Advice net works accept abundantly helped organizations abound and calmly bear the casework to accomplish specific goals. 2 REFERENCES 1. http://www. ehow. com/list_6748808_advantages-computer_based-information-systems. html#ixzz2Bu35Ixvk 2. Ronald Golooba, (2012); Lecture Notes for year one acceptance a accomplice 15, Cavendish University Uganda. 3. en. kioskea. net/contents/pc/ordinateur-portable. php3 - Cached. 4. Prof. Added Manojkumar, (2009), Characteristics of computer systems. 5. wiki. answers. com › ... › Operating Systems - Cached

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