Character Comparison of Medea and Jason

In the Greek comedy Medea, there are two protagonists, Medea and Jason. Medea, who is the wife of Jason has collapsed in adulation with him and has larboard her country to be with him. After all this loyalty, Jason decides to annulment Medea and ally the king’s daughter; Glauce. Medea becomes abounding with acerbity and acrimony and wants to annihilate her bedmate and the king’s daughter. We can additionally say that she becomes suicidal. Jason on the alternative hand, alone seeks his own allowances because he has affiliated the King’s babe aloof to accretion allowances for himself and leaves the woman he acclimated to love. Medea is portrayed has a able and assured woman back she affairs to annihilate anybody who has aching her. I anticipate that no accustomed woman would anticipate of that. However, she is maybe addled because of her acerbity back she additionally affairs to annihilate her accouchement who accept annihilation to do with what has happened to her. She is additionally able because she is able to booty animus on Jason by killing his children, his wife and Creon. I anticipate that her Medea’s means of animus and her means of cerebration are actual barbarous back she kills her accouchement aloof to watch Jason suffer.Finally she is compensated back she kills all those abutting to Jason and watches him suffer. This shows that she is blank because she dead all those innocent bodies aloof to watch her bedmate suffer. Medea means of animus are acute and tactless. Jason is portrayed as a anemic and aloof appearance back he leaves his wife to ally a added admirable woman alone gluttonous what is best for him. Jason is depicted as the adverse of Medea back Medea is a actual able and assured woman.Jason tells Medea “you could accept backward in Corinth, still lived in this house, if u had agilely accustomed the accommodation of those in power. Well, you’re affronted words don’t agitated me; go on as continued as you like reciting Jason’s crimes. ” This shows that Jason is brutal because he tells Medea that she should accept not announced of what he did. How can a being not altercate or retaliate to these actions. He is additionally portrayed as blank back he says that her words don’t agitated him.

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