Character Analysis Mr.Marks

Character Analysis Form Actor’s Name: Philip John Play: Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage Character: Mr. Marks Concrete Traits Sex ?Mr. Marks is a Romanian Orthodox Jewish macho immigrant. Age ?Mr. Marks is in his thirties Health ?Mr. Marks has somewhat of a abhorrence of actuality larboard alone, he panics back he sees a loyal chump go to addition being for bolt and turns to booze (tonic) for comfort. Clothing ?Mr. Marks consistently wears a atramentous clothing with a missing button. He wears it because of religious beliefs, it reminds him that every day he lives for God and his ancestors. General Appearance Mr. Marks is a mix of aggregate he is somewhat awkward and alternate because he formed appropriate out of bed back Esther absolved in and larboard his bedroll appropriate there (he best acceptable didn’t get a adventitious to besom his teeth), he is additionally looks affectionate of academic back he consistently has a atramentous clothing on due to religious affidavit but it additionally is missing a button that he refuses to fix for the longest time Mannerisms ?Mr. Marks bound removes his easily abroad from Esther because it is adjoin his adoration to accept concrete acquaintance with a woman who is different or not affiliated to him Social Traits Class ?Mr. Marks is a allotment of the alive average chic because he is a bolt banker and so he has abundant money to run that but he additionally gets absolutely afraid back he hasn’t apparent Miss Mills fearing she had went to his competitor. Occupation ?Mr. Marks is a bolt banker and seems actual amorous about it. He is consistently actual aflame to appearance Esther his accumulating and offers alone the finest fabrics. Finances ?Along with class, I anticipate that Mr. Marks lives a adequate activity annihilation over the top but abundant to be financially abiding after accepting to anguish about sleeping in a shoebox. Read also: “Stand and Deliver Character Analysis” Home Activity ?Mr. Marks lives by himself but is affianced to a woman who resides in Romania and has never met her Intelligence ?Mr. Marks is actual religious and abreast aural his profession of the finest fabrics and best affection products. He additionally knows how to accomplish his flirtations attenuate and abundant to get the bulletin beyond after interfering with his adoration angle Nationality ?Mr. Marks is Romanian and he seems hardly affected about it, for instance back Esther asked him about his wife and he said his fiancee is in Romania Place in Community Mr. Marks is a bounded bolt banker Amusements ?Mr. Marks enjoys apery his ancestor and his religious accomplishments by cutting his signature atramentous coat. He additionally enjoys bubbler tea amidst affairs fabrics of all kinds. Psychological Traits Moral Standards ?Mr. Marks believes that a woman should not blow a man’s duke if they are not affiliated or accompanying to anniversary other. He additionally does not abolish his atramentous clothing for account of attitude and religion. Adoration ?Mr. Marks is Romanian Orthodox Jewish Ambitions ?Mr. Marks is admiring to Esther and wants to be able to accurate that physically about the barrier of his adoration intervenes and prevents that accord to evolve. He overcomes his attitude of cutting alone atramentous and puts on a anorak Esther fabricated abnormally for him. Disappointments ?When Mr. Marks begin out that Esther was accepting affiliated he was abashed and approved to adumbrate it by alms her his best affection bolt and told her that no one deserves it added again her. He was best absolutely agitated about this admitting Concerns ?Mr. Marks gets afraid that he will lose Esther to his adversary that is giving abroad adulatory thread. Abilities ?While Mr. Marks yearns to be with Esther he sets his animosity abreast because it is adjoin his behavior and he wishes her the best and offers her the finest clothes. He tries his best to adumbration his affections appear her by putting on the new anorak and agnate things. Qualities ?Mr. Marks consistently aggravating to do his best to accomplish Esther the happiest she can be he adulation her smile all the time and gets agreeable back he sees her happy.

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