Character Analysis Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet Jane Austen's time aeon was a aeon that was abounding of change for society, but the capital affair she absolutely focused on autograph about was women's amusing status, which was bent by whom she married. During this time period, a woman's ideal man was addition who was wealthy, able to booty affliction of them, and accommodate her with security. There was no such affair as marrying for love; this is what fabricated Austen’s females differentiate from alternative women. Austen fabricated best of her capital changeable roles accept strong-independent natures and they stood for women's appropriate to ally for adulation instead of cachet and wealth. Elizabeth Bennet is a absolute archetype of such a woman. Her different characteristics accomplish her one of the best acclaimed and admired heroines in literature. Although her mother and sisters act absolutely asinine and dumb, excluding Jane, Elizabeth is absolutely intelligent. Elizabeth's intelligence is what makes her Mr. Bennet's favorite, but in equal, this makes Elizabeth’s her mother's atomic favorite. Mrs. Bennet ignores Elizabeth's intelligence and states that she is no bigger than the blow of her sisters. The clairvoyant is additionally apparent that Elizabeth’s intelligence is displayed not alone by her dialogue, but in her ascertainment abilities as well. She watches other's behaviors to analyze their personalities. It is accessible that she enjoys accomplishing it because she states, "intricate characters are the best amusing" (chap. 9). There is no agnosticism that Elizabeth is the best absolute woman in this story, because that she alone two proposals that absolutely would accept fabricated her approaching defended afterwards her father's death. The aboriginal angle was from Mr. Collins, and although he was rather ridiculous, the Bennets' acreage was advantaged to him abutting and marrying him would accept adored all of them from actuality homeless. Despite alive this, Elizabeth still refuses to ally him because she believes to alone ally for adulation and it accessible that she does not adulation Mr. Collins. Such a accomplishment shows the backbone of her behavior and character. Pride and Ageism was originally activity to be alleged Aboriginal Impressions, although both titles represent the atypical absolutely well. The capital characters, Elizabeth and Darcy, are both accusable of giving the alternative sense-impressions. Elizabeth is accusable of ageism and Darcy is accusable of pride. Although reader's usually focus on Darcy's pride, Elizabeth has to accord with pride aloof as much. Elizabeth's pride mainly consists of her rational cerebration and acceptance that the decisions she makes are consistently wise. She is additionally takes pride in her adeptness to amount out others bound and considers this to be her greatest trait. Although she is actual about best of the character's personalities like Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh, she is mistaken about Wickham’s and Darcy’s character.

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