Chapter Application Paper

Textbook---Bernard, T., Snipes, J., & Gerould A. (2016). Vold’s abstract criminology (7th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780199964154 ''''Use Affiliate 11 for the affiliate paper''''' The purpose of this cardboard is to present your well-articulated angle and thoughts from the capacity assigned from the reading. Select a affiliate from the assigned account for the anniversary in which the Affiliate Appliance Cardboard is due and address a 5-7 folio cardboard which summarizes, synthesizes, and again applies the advice from the Affiliate to issues/policies accordant to the topic. Each cardboard charge analyze the apriorism and acknowledging credibility of the chapter, a amalgam of the advice from the chapter, and a analytical appliance of the premise(s) and acknowledging credibility from the affiliate to an affair of bent offending. The cardboard should address: • Key points, patterns, and trends from the advice in the affiliate • How the affiliate advice applies to issues of bent behind • Analysis of the affiliate advice from a Christ-centered angle The alignment of your cardboard is actual important. Please chase APA and accomplish abiding to use area headings in your paper. Accomplish abiding to accommodate a awning page, a references page, and advance a well-formatted, grammatical actual paper. Your cardboard charge be a minimum of 5-7 pages, be well-organized, and be cogitating of your cerebration and struggles in these actual circuitous areas of ambidextrous with bent offending.

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