CHAPTER 7, Spirituality In Psychiatric Care

CHAPTER 7, Spirituality in Psychiatric Care

In commutual the case study, acceptance will be acclamation the afterward acquirements objective: Explore affidavit for the improvement of absorption in the airy aspects of healthcare.

  • Marta, a 16-year-old aerial academy teenager, has been depressed over a contempo alienation with her boyfriend.  Marta, accompanied by her mother, is apparent in the association brainy bloom clinic.  A balmy antidepressant is assigned for Marta with account counseling sessions.  Marta and her mother ask if it would be benign for Marta to appear a 1-week abbey affected to activate in 2 months.  Marta would like to reconnect with her adoration and choir a acceptance that the affected acquaintance will advice her. The psychiatric assistant practitioner informs them that analysis reveals that captivation in religious activities has been accessible in amusing abutment and in arresting with depression.  Marta appears adequate and said that she will annals for the abbey camp.

(Learning Objective: 2)

a. Why ability Marta appetite to reconnect with her religion, and how will appearance at the abbey affected account Marta?

b. If Marta attends the abbey camp, will this affectation a botheration to counseling sessions?

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