Chapter 448 Subchapter E (Policy and procedure Manual for Outpatient treatmnent services in Texas)

 Develop a action and action chiral for an outpatient tx ability in Lancaster, Texas. Company name is Step by Step Recovery will be alms developed and adolescents outpatient treatmnet. Website Adults and adolescents cannot be in aforementioned groups they accept to be seperated .  Rules  §448.501 Ability Organization   §448.502 Operational Plan, Policies and Procedures   §448.503 Reporting Measures   §448.504 Quality Management   §448.505 General Environment   §448.506 Required Postings   §448.507 General Documentation Requirements   §448.508 Client Records   §448.509 Incident Reporting   §448.510 Client Transportation    Subchapters  SUBCHAPTER A DEFINITIONS   SUBCHAPTER B STANDARD OF CARE APPLICABLE TO ALL PROVIDERS   SUBCHAPTER D FACILITY LICENSURE INFORMATION   SUBCHAPTER E FACILITY REQUIREMENTS   SUBCHAPTER F PERSONNEL PRACTICES AND DEVELOPMENT   SUBCHAPTER G CLIENT RIGHTS   SUBCHAPTER H SCREENING AND ASSESSMENT   SUBCHAPTER I TREATMENT PROGRAM SERVICES   SUBCHAPTER J MEDICATION   SUBCHAPTER K FOOD AND NUTRITION   SUBCHAPTER L RESIDENTIAL PHYSICAL PLANT REQUIREMENTS   SUBCHAPTER M COURT COMMITMENT SERVICES   SUBCHAPTER N THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES   SUBCHAPTER O FAITH BASED CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY PROGRAMS 

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