Chapter 12 Outline

Chapter 12: The Second War for Independence and the Advance of Bellicism I. Identifications 1. Rush-Bagot Agreement: 2. Second Bank of the United States: 3. Adams-Onis Treaty: 4. Panic of 1819: 5. Tallmadge Amendment: 6. Missouri Compromise: 7. John Marshall: 8. Monroe Doctrine: II. Guided Reading Questions On to Canada over Land and Lakes 1. Why was the United States Navy able to accept success in the action for Canada? Washington Burned and New Orleans Defended 2. How did Andrew Jackson accomplish some admeasurement of avengement in New Orleans for the British accomplishments in Washington? The Treaty of Ghent 3. Was the Treaty of Ghent advantageous to the United States? Explain. Federalist Grievances and the Hartford Convention 4. Despite an advance in bellicism elsewhere, what did some New England Federalists adduce at the Hartford Convention, and what was the ultimate appulse of the Hartford Resolutions on the Federalists? The Second War for American Independence 5. What were the continued appellation furnishings of the War of 1812? Nascent Bellicism 6. What affirmation of bellicism alike afterwards the War of 1812? "The American System" 7. In what agency could bellicism be apparent in the backroom and economics of the post-war years? The So-Called Era of Good Feelings 8. To what admeasurement was James Monroe's admiral an Era of Good Feelings? The Panic of 1819 and the Curse of Hard Times 9. Explain the causes and furnishings of the Panic of 1819. Growing Pains of the West 10. What factors led to the adjustment of the West in the years afterward the War? Slavery and the Sectional Balance 1. Why was Missouri's appeal for statehood so explosive? The Uneasy Missouri Compromise 12. "Neither the North nor South was acutely displeased, although neither was absolutely happy. " Explain. John Marshall and Judicial Bellicism 13. Explain Marshall's statement, Let the end be legitimate, let it be aural the ambit of the Constitution, and all agency which are appropriate, which are audibly acclimatized to that end, which are not prohibited, but constant with the letter and spirit of the Constitution, are constitutional. Judicial Dikes Against Democratic Excesses 14. "John Marshall was the best important Federalist back George Washington. " Assess. Monroe and His Doctrine 15. How could a militarily-weak nation like the United States accomplish such a adventurous account acclimation European nations to break out of the Americas? Monroe's Doctrine Appraised 16. Evaluate the accent of the Monroe Doctrine in consecutive American history.

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