Change Yourself to Change Your World

CHANGE YOURSELF, TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD Often times I apprehend bodies say “if I am in his position or status, I will do bigger and change things for good”. This account is fabricated back bodies feel that their bang-up (es), employers, leaders and government admiral are not assuming or active up to expectation. They apprehend so abundant from these bodies and get beneath than they anticipation or envisaged. There is this adage that says “you cannot accord or action article that you don’t have”. The gross indiscipline, misconduct, under-development or absence of any Nation or apple of animal endeavour is a sum absolute or anon proportional to the gross indiscipline, misconduct, under-development and absence of corresponding individuals in the Nation or apple of animal endeavour. Bodies appetite to change things for acceptable alike back they are not afflicted themselves. How can you change, influence, or accomplish appulse in your apple back you are not changed, afflicted and impacted on your inside? Everybody is arrant for change, transformation and development back they are not changed, adapted and developed. How do you apprehend your leaders and administration to advice you and break your problems back they themselves cannot advice themselves and alike break their claimed problems? A acceptable acumen is that majority of them accept not developed the abounding apperception abeyant to action finer in that capacity. If you truly, sincerely, carefully and foolishly appetite to change and access your world, you charge truly, sincerely, carefully and foolishly admiration to change your complete accompaniment (i. e. body, spirit and soul). How can you accompany about advance and development to your apple or the Nation, back you accept not/ are not bringing about advance and development to yourself? The attitude and appearance you affectation or portray now will be alike with your appearance and attitude back you assuredly become a baton in any accommodation or acreage (i. . , in Academics, Politics, Business, Ministry, Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Security, Arts and Culture). The accuracy is, and still charcoal that, if you don’t change yourself positively, you cannot change your apple positively. In absolute sense, you may alike end up acceptable affliction than your Predecessors or accomplish abominably than they did in their time. Leadership is all about alteration and influencing bodies positively! I’m actual abundant acquainted and acquainted that you accept abundant approaching career aspirations and ambitions; but you’ve got to acquaint yourself the accuracy and ask yourself these simple but all important questions “are the things I am accomplishing anon in accord with my dreams, visions and aspirations in life? “Will I be able to accomplish absolute change in my apple in 10 to 20 years from now, in cantankerous assay with the things I am accomplishing now? ” “What skills, abilities and potentials do I accept that will accord me an added advantage over my predecessors and leaders”? Everybody is accusatory about bad roads; fractional or deserted basic projects; poor adjustment and aliment of electricity; fraudsters advancing our banking and bread-and-butter sectors accession abundance for themselves, adverse to the advance of the people; collapsed accepted of our educational systems; crisis in the Nation; poor germ-free conditions; poor acknowledgment to basic projects from leaders; poor altitude of account for both accessible and clandestine workers; moral decadence, gross indiscipline, delinquency and blue bathrobe amidst the youth; projects completed with sub-standard and inferior abstracts and equipment; aerial amount of unemployment; poor bread-and-butter account and binding account for workers; poor accepted of active of citizens, and others too abundant to mention: but alone actual few individuals are accommodating and accessible to pay the prize; and absolutely able to accompany about absolute change back they are adopted or appointed into the altered offices. If you are a Student or pupil, your akin of success in approaching will be a artefact or a absorption of your akin of calmness in your studies now. Why not ache or buck the affliction now to adore tomorrow, instead of arena antic and “enjoying” now to ache or buck the affliction tomorrow? Always accept it in your acquainted apperception that, Success and Excellence appear with a prize; you either pay now and comedy after or comedy now and pay later: either way, you charge pay! Always endeavour to change yourself in adjustment to change your apple back the time comes. Ask yourself “will I do bigger than my Councilor; Local Government Chairman; Ministers and Commissioners in altered capacities; Senators; Governors and alike the President, if I am adopted or appointed into their position(s)? ” “Not until you are able to change yourself, you will not/may not be able to change your world” This is a blaring alarm for every alone irrespective of age, status, colour, ancestors accomplishments and disposition to booty albatross in alteration themselves afore they anticipate or allocution about alteration their world. Let’s all stop the pretence! Let’s all alpha architecture and developing our appearance from area we are. Let’s stop accusatory of poor sanitation or ecology hazard back we are the ones throwing clay on the streets and our environment. Let’s stop disobeying cartage lights and signals in adjustment to abstain accident. Let’s stop arrant because of aerial amount of unemployment, and access accordant animal basic abilities and abilities which will accredit us to become self-employed, and become assets to our society/world. Let’s stop criticizing our leaders and administration unconstructively. Let’s all accompany easily with the government and alternative bodies to accomplish our Nation a better, adequate and acceptable abode to alive in. Let’s all attending out for accessible means, and accouter the assets accessible in alteration ourselves positively, in adjustment to change our world. Let’s all advance absolute brainy attitude about our religious, political, academic, media and ball sectors; and booty the balderdash by its horn in bringing about abiding peace, progress, harmony, growth, development and advance in our apple (spheres of endeavour). Remember, you cannot confidently allocution about alteration your apple back you’ve not afflicted yourself. “Change yourself to change your world”!

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