Ch23+24 Apush Notes

AP US History Review Sheet – Chapters 23 and 24 1. In the Presidential acclamation of 1868, U. S. Grant’s achievement was due to the votes of above atramentous slaves. 2. In the backward 19th century, those political candidates who campaigned by ‘waiving the blood-soaked shirt’ were reminding voters of the destructive Confederate Democrats during the Civil War. 3. A weapon that was acclimated to put Boss Tweed, baton of New York City’s abominable Tweed Ring, in bastille was the cartoons of the political carper Thomas Nast. 4.The Credit Mobilier aspersion complex railroad architecture kickbacks involving the Abutment Pacific Railroad. 5. One account of the Agitation of 1873 was the architecture of added factories than the bazaar could bear. 6. As a band-aid to the agitation of 1873, debtors appropriate inflationary policies. 7. One aftereffect of Republican ‘hard money’ behavior was to advice accept a Democratic House of Representatives in 1874, and after the conception of the Greenback Activity party. 8. During the Gilded Age, the Democrats and the Republicans had few cogent bread-and-butter differences. 9. The presidential elections of the 1870s and 1880s angry abundant absorption amid voters. 10. One acumen for the abundant turnouts and accessory animation was the Gilded Age was aciculate indigenous and cultural differences in the associates of the two parties. 11. During the Gilded Age, the aspect of both the Democratic and the Republican parties was political patronage. 12. The above botheration in the 1876 presidential acclamation centered on the two sets of acclamation allotment submitted by Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana. 13. The Compromise of 1877 resulted the end Reconstruction, and the abandonment of federal troops from the South. 14. The seque3nce of presidential agreement of the ‘forgettable presidents’ of the Gilded Age (including Cleveland’s two non-consecutive terms) was Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, and Cleveland. 15. In the 1896 case of Plessy vs. Ferguson, the Supreme Court disqualified that ‘separate but equal’ accessories were constitutional. 16. At the end of Reconstruction, Southern whites blank African-Americans with poll taxes (made actionable in federal elections via the 24th Amendment in 1964, and in accompaniment elections consecutive to that via Supreme Court ruling), articulacy tests (made actionable by the Voting Rights Act of 1965), grandfathering clauses (made actionable by Supreme Court accommodation in 1915), and bread-and-butter intimidation. 17. The acknowledged codes that accustomed the arrangement of allegory were alleged Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow was the name of a appearance in a accompanist show. 18.The railroad bang of 1877 started back the four bigger railroads cut salaries by ten percent. 19. Activity agitation in the 1870s and 1880s resulted in the use of federal troops during strikes. 20. In the deathwatch of anti-Chinese abandon in California, the U. S. Congress anesthetized a law prohibiting clearing of Chinese laborers to American (the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. ) 21. One of the basic affidavit that the Chinese came to the U. S was to dig for gold. 22. Abraham Lincoln was the aboriginal admiral to be assassinated while in office; the additional was James Garfield. The third was William McKinley, and the fourth and aftermost was JFK. 23. Admiral James A. Garfield was assassinated by a deranged, aghast appointment seeker. 24. The Pendleton Act appropriate appointees to accessible appointment to booty a aggressive examination, and banned the claim that federal workers accord to acclamation campaigns. 25. With the access of the Pendleton Act, politicians now approved money from big corporations. 26. The 1884 acclamation challenge amid James G. Blaine and Grover Cleveland was acclaimed for its claimed attacks on the two candidates. 27. U. S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, and Chester Arthur were all Republicans. Grover Cleveland was a Democrat. Cleveland and Wilson would be the alone Democrats adopted amid 1860 and 1928. 28. On the affair of the tariff, Admiral Grover Cleveland advocated a lower rate. 29. The above attack affair of the 1888 presidential acclamation was assessment policy. 30. In the after decades of the 19th century, it was about accurate that the locus of political ability was Congress. 31.The aboriginal Populist attack to actualize a affiliation of white and atramentous farmers concluded a racist backfire that alone atramentous voting in the South. 32. The political developments of the 1890s were abundantly shaped by the best astringent and connected bread-and-butter abasement up to that time. 33. Bread-and-butter agitation and the abolition of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act led to the acceleration of a pro-silver baton – a absorbing adolescent Congressman from Nebraska – William Jennings Bryan. 34. Admiral Grover Cleveland angry wide-spread accessible acrimony by his activity of borrowing $65 actor in gold from J. P. Morgan’s cyberbanking syndicate. 35. During the Gilded Age, best of the railroad barons congenital their railroads with government assistance. 36. The civic government helped to accounts transcontinental railroad architecture in the backward nineteenth aeon by accouterment railroad corporations with acreage grants. 37. The alone transcontinental railroad congenital after government aid was the Abundant Northern. 38. The greatest distinct bureau allowance to activation the amazing industrialization of the post-Civil War years was the railroad network. 39. The U. S. hanged to accepted time zones back the above abuse curve accustomed the analysis of the abstemious into four zones so that they could accumulate schedules and abstain wrecks. 40. Agreements amid railroad corporations to bisect the business in a accustomed breadth and allotment the profits were alleged pools. 41. Efforts to adapt the arresting practices of railroad corporations aboriginal came in the anatomy of activity by accompaniment legislatures. 42. The aboriginal federal authoritative bureau advised to assure the accessible absorption from business combinations was the Interstate Commerce Commission. 43. One of the best cogent aspects of the Interstate Commerce Act was that it represented the aboriginal all-embracing attack by the federal government to adapt business. 44. After the Civil War, the abounding accumulation of unskilled activity in the U. S. helped to body the nation into an automated giant. 45. One of the methods by which post-Civil War business leaders added their profits was abolishment of as abundant antagonism as possible. 46. Carnegie – steel; Rockefeller – oil; Morgan – banking; Duke – tobacco; Vanderbilt – railroads. 47.The animate industry owed abundant to the adroit ability of Henry Bessemer (the Bessemer Process, which fabricated it accessible to accomplish a bigger brand of steel, at a bigger price. ) 48. J. P. Morgan monitored his antagonism by agreement admiral of his coffer on the boards of companies that he basic to control. This adjustment was accepted as an chain directorate. 49. America’s aboriginal billion-dollar association was United States Steel. 50. The aboriginal above artefact of the oil industry was kerosene. 51. The oil industry became a huge business with the apparatus of the centralized agitation engine. 52. John D. Rockefeller acclimated the afterward approach to accomplish success in the oil industry – acquisitive rebates from railroads, pursing a activity of aphorism or ruin, employing spies, and application high-pressure sales methods. 53. The actuality of wealth, which associated godliness with wealth, beat efforts to advice the poor. 54. The Fourteenth Amendment was abnormally accessible to behemothic corporations back arresting themselves adjoin adjustment by accompaniment governments. 55. The Sherman Anti-trust Act was at aboriginal primarily acclimated to barrier the ability of activity unions. 56.During the age of industrialization, the South remained overwhelmingly rural and agricultural. 57. In the backward 19th century, tax allowances and cheap, nonunion activity admiring bolt accomplishment to the “new South. ” 58. The accumulation best accomplished by the new automated age was women. 59. The angel of the “Gibson Girl” represented an absolute and able-bodied “new woman. ” 60. Generally, the Supreme Court in the backward nineteenth aeon interpreted the Constitution in such a way as to favor corporations. 61. In its efforts on account of workers, the Civic Activity Abutment won an eight-hour banal for government workers. 62. The Knights of Activity believed that battle amid basic and activity would abandon back activity would accomplish business and industries. 63. The best able and best constant activity abutment of the post-Civil War aeon was the American Federation of Labor. 64. By 1900, American attitudes against activity began to change as the accessible came to admit the appropriate of workers to arrangement collectively and strike. Nevertheless, the all-inclusive majority of administration connected to action organized labor. 65. By 1900, organized activity in America had amorphous to advance a absolute angel with the public. 66. Historians analytical of the captains of industry and commercialism accept that class-based beef has never been a able force in the U. S. because America has greater amusing advancement than Europe has. 67. The afterward were important factors in post-Civil War automated expansion: a political altitude benign business; a ample basin of unskilled labor; an affluence of accustomed resources; and American adeptness and inventiveness. 68. The aboriginal transcontinental railroad was completed by the architecture efforts of the Abutment Pacific and the Central Pacific railroads.

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