Central Secretariat

The Axial Secretariat arrangement in India is based on two principles: (1) The assignment of action conception needs to be afar from action implementation. (2) Maintaining Cadre of Officers operating on the administration arrangement is a prerequisite to the alive of the Secretariat system. The Axial Secretariat is a action authoritative anatomy of the government and is not, to undertake assignment of execution, unless apprenticed by the abridgement of official agencies to accomplish assertive tasks. The Axial Secretariat commonly performs the afterward functions: (1) Assisting the abbot in the acquittal of his action authoritative and aldermanic functions. 2) Framing legislation, rules and attempt of procedure. (3) Sect articulate planning and programme formulation. (4) (a) Budgeting and ascendancy of amount in account of activities of the Ministry/department. (b) Securing authoritative and banking approval to operational programme and their consecutive modifications. (c) Supervision and ascendancy over the beheading of behavior and programmes by the controlling departments or semi-autonomous acreage agencies. (d) Imitating accomplish to advance greater cadre and authoritative adequacy both in the ministry/department and its controlling agencies. e) Assisting in accretion allocation at the Axial level. | Structure of Axial Secretariat Structure of Axial Secretariat is such that the absolute arrangement is disconnected into a cardinal of secretaries, agent secretaries, collective secretaries and so on. The analysis of posts is hierarchical in nature. | | | | | | | | The Axial Secretariat is a accumulating of assorted ministries and departments. But the Cabinet Secretariat, which is in absoluteness a admiral absolute added than one department, is still accepted as the secretariat. A admiral is the allegation allotted to ministers. This may accommodate one or added departments depending aloft authoritative convenience, anniversary beneath the allegation of a secretary. A administration on the alternative duke is an authoritative assemblage consisting of a secretary to government calm with a allotment of the axial secretariat beneath his authoritative ascendancy on which the albatross of assuming specific functions has been conferred. Thus technically, a administration should be articular with a secretary`s allegation and a admiral with a minister`s charge. However, this acumen is not consistently maintained. Thus, if a admiral has added than one administration aural itself, it may accept added than one secretary in which case there will appear the allegation for authoritative one secretary above to alternative secretaries who will represent the ministry. A admiral is amenable for the accumulation of the government action aural its apple of albatross as able-bodied as for the beheading of that policy. Thus in agreement of centralized organisation, a admiral is disconnected into the afterward segments aural an administrator in allegation of anniversary of them to accelerate matters: Department- Secretary/Additional/Special Secretary Wing- Joint/Additional Secretary. Division- Beneath Secretary. Section- Area Administrator The everyman of such units is the area in allegation of a Area Administrator and consists of a cardinal of assistants, clerks, "Daftaries," typists and peons. It deals with the assignment apropos to the accountable allotted to it. It is additionally referred to as the Office. Two sections aggregate the annex which is beneath the allegation of an beneath secretary, additionally accepted as the Annex Officer. Two branches commonly anatomy a analysis which is commonly headed by a agent secretary. When the aggregate of assignment in a admiral exceeds the acquiescent allegation of a secretary, one or added wings are accustomed with a collective secretary in allegation of anniversary wing. At the top of the bureaucracy comes the administration which is headed by the secretary himself or in some cases by an additional/ appropriate secretary. In some cases, a administration may be as free as a admiral and agnate to it in rank. | | | FUNCTIONS

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