CD Database – Python3

Introduction This appointment will accord you practise w/user and affairs interfaces, and choosing/building advantageous abstracts structures. You will advance a flat-file database, acceptance users to query, annul a entry, actualize an entry. You'll also, for some practise, abide a accomplish file. The Assignment Write a command-line account alleged cddb to advance a flat-file database of anthology information. You will acquiesce the user to appearance anthology info, add a new entry, or annul an entry, area anniversary access is an anthology w/all of the clue information, as follows: Options, and Descriptions -l — Account album Display an enumerated, alphabetical account of artists† You will acquiesce the user to accept an artisan by entering the number, or to abdicate by entering a q You will again account all albums, by absolution date, enumerated Allow the user to accept an album, by #, or acknowledgment to the card aloft (artists) by entering a If an anthology is entered, account all songs in that album, by clue order. Alert for ascribe to acknowledgment to the antecedent (i.e., the album) menu -d — Annul album. Similar to above, affectation airheaded acceptance a user to accept an anthology to delete -a — Add album. You'll alert for artist, anthology name, absolution date, and assuredly the clue list. You may accept that they are entered in clue order. You'll appetite to analysis that the anthology doesn't already abide afore abacus it -h — Show acceptance msg and quit †You may accept that all names are entered exactly. That is, do not anguish about inconsistencies in spelling or capitalisation. E.g., Led Zeppelin, LedZeppelin, and led airship are 3 altered groups for this assignment. If no altercation is supplied, a bad altercation is supplied, or assorted arguments, book a acceptance bulletin and exit. File Format Album advice will be stored in a collapsed book w/the architecture apparent in sample.db: To abridge things, the filename (location of the DB) will be stored in an exported ambiance variable, $CDDB . Target Language You will do this in Python3. Hints (maybe) I'd actualize some abstracts anatomy to represent an album Store albums in a dictonary, keyed by artist When afterlight the DB (writing the new book out), address to a acting file. If this is successful, rename it appropriately. This is about an diminutive operation. So, if article bad happens w/your program, or the ability grid, etc., you don't draft your DB up Submission Submit the afterward files: cddb — Your top-level Python script Makefile — your makefile, with the folowing targets: clean — cleans up all average and consistent files and directories (if any) view — affectation any antecedent cipher that you wrote, in a pager Any alternative bare (Python) files README alternative — annihilation you appetite to say to me afore I grade.

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