Chapter 6 Define and call a SAN. Define and call NAS. Describe how cloud-based abstracts accumulator works. Assume that you charge baddest a cloud-based abstracts accumulator band-aid for your company. List the factors you would accede back selecting a vendor. Many users do not yet feel adequate autumn abstracts aural the cloud. Altercate some accomplish you can booty to abate their concerns. List the pros and cons of cloud-based abstracts storage. List the pros and cons of a cloud-based database. Chapter 7 Define collaboration. Define and call cloud-based collaboration. The CIO of Ace Accounting Services suggests that the aggregation can save ample money application VoIP for buzz calls. Define and call VoIP. Then present three companies that accommodate VoIP offerings. Compare and adverse anniversary company’s offering. Also, altercate whether or not you accede with the CIO and absolve why. List the questions one should accede back evaluating a cloud-based collaborative solution. Your responses should be submitted as a Word certificate and the cardboard should attach to APA architecture and style. Your answers should be accounting in your own words.  Include able citations to any sources you acclimated in your answers. 

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