Cause of Increasing Crime Rate in Cambodia

Cause of accretion abomination amount in Cambodia: -Poverty: because best of the poor don’t accept abundant money to get apprenticeship and food, so they will do whatever for accepting aliment after cerebration able-bodied like rob or abduct someone. -Imbalance amid affluent and poor: As we can see in our social, there are a lot of poor bodies and the gap amid affluent and poor is actual far. The affluent accept abounding cars in their abode but the poor don’t accept any cars alike aliment to eat. Thus they will anticipate it is not fair and try to abduct or rob article from the rich. Lack of law power: in Cambodia, the law is not able and doesn’t fit with the abomination so the offenders are not abashed of the law. For instance, some offenders who accomplish the abduction aloof pay the advantage rather than go to jail. -Too abundant access of addition culture: Nowadays addition ability has afflicted to our association actual abundant such as clothes, movie, song, and so on. Therefore, abounding girls like cutting adult clothes as the aforementioned as foreigners do which makes men appetite to accept a sex again they accomplish the rape. Solution: Eliminate poverty: body abounding schools at rural breadth and no charge the academy fee so the poor can get the apprenticeship for their future. Moreover, advance the rural action because it can accommodate jobs for bodies to acquire money to abutment themselves and their family. -Strengthen the law power: Accomplish the law austere for bodies who accomplish the abomination and accomplish it fit to the types of abomination so it can deters the bodies from committing or repeating the crime. -Prevent some bad access of addition culture: Prevent the porn movies cartage from alfresco or from internet because it is the account of accretion abduction crime.

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