Writing Appointment Two In this appointment you will actualize an annotated playlist of an African American music brand (Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Soul, etc. [however you can not accept hip hop]).  The playlist charge abide of twenty (20) songs. For anniversary song list: 1. Artist 2. Date of composition 3. Social and actual time aeon (Harlem Renaissance, Great Depression, Civil Rights Movement, etc) 4. Impact of the songs on African American association and added alert audience  Example: Song: "Say it Loud- I'm Black and I'm Proud" Artist: James Brown Date: 1969 Time period: Say it Loud was appear during the growing Black Power and Black Consciousness era of the backward 1960s and 1970s.   Impact: In the song, James Brown adopts the growing Black Power attitude of the aeon and uses his music to access adolescent African American to embrace pride in their African ancestry. He capacity abounding of the struggles faced by Black during the time aeon in the lyrics.  Say it Loud has been sampled by R&B and hip hop artisan and is advised one of the best important songs of the 20th century. (James Brown, “Role as an Artist")  Please accommodate references and Work Cited folio for the assignment.

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