Catherine Owens

 Political issues for Nursing I would say that a safe and advantageous assignment ambiance would accept to be the one I am absorbed in. The World Bloom Organization defines a advantageous ambiance as a abode of "physical, mental, and amusing well-being" acknowledging optimal bloom and assurance (2019). Safe ambiance isn't aloof befitting us physically safe but the brainy aspect is so important.  We charge to be assured and address article that we feel is alarming or bent whether it is for us nurses or if it is pertaining to a patient. If we report, we can't be abashed of retribution. The administration aggregation needs to be admiring and accomplish a absolute accomplishment to bigger abetment the nurses. If there is a accommodating who is authoritative the nurses feel uncomfortable, the nurses charge to accompany it up so the accommodating is acquainted and so that it does not appear again. More than acceptable if it makes us afflictive or alike afraid it is affecting alternative patients if they appear to see it. Reference ANA. (2019). Advantageous Assignment Environment. Retrieved from Respond to the altercation above.

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