Case Study (Worth 30 Points)

  Step 1: Carefully apprehend the afterward abrupt case study. Bernice  was afraid during her antecedent counseling affair because she feared  what the therapist would anticipate of her.  The therapist focused on  building a ameliorative accord with Bernice by agreeable in empathic,  nonjudgmental listening. Soon, Bernice aggregate that she feared  contamination. She was decidedly agitated by affecting wood, mail, and  canned goods. She additionally awful affecting argent flecks. By argent  flecks, Bernice meant argent embossing on greeting cards, eyeglass  frames, agleam appliances, and silverware. She was clumsy to accompaniment why  these accurate altar were appropriate sources of accessible  contamination.  Bernice became added afflicted during the session, and  she started administration what fabricated her appear for counseling.  Bernice aggregate  that advancing images pop in her mind, and the images are mind’s eye  pictures of her “worst fear.” The images are so advancing to Bernice  that she showed apparent ache back talking about them.  She explained  that the images were in commendations to her child, “The being I adulation best in  the apple and would do annihilation to protect.”   Bernice  explained that she feels accountable to do specific behaviors to try to  reduce her distress. Bernice engages in a array of rituals that, back  taken together, booty up abundant of her day. In the morning, she spends  hours abrasion and rewashing. Between anniversary ablution she has to scrape abroad  the alien band of her bar of soap so that it will be chargeless of germs.  Bernice said that although the decontamination rituals are tiresome, the  rituals she does to assure her adolescent from abuse are so abundant that  Bernice has to echo them several times to get them “right.”  She said  that she feels a faculty of coercion to do the rituals altogether to assure  her child. Step 2:  Based on the Bernice Case Study, analyze the best accordant  psychological ataxia associated with her affection and explain your  rationale. (Hint: Bernice does *not* accept a specific phobia; she does not accept “fear of germs.”) Step 3:  In your own words, explain what you accept abstruse from the assigned  readings about the cerebral ataxia you articular for the Bernice  Case Study.  Step 4:  You  will charge to baddest at atomic *one* bookish account commodity that  explains one analysis admission acclimated for the cerebral ataxia you  identified for the Bernice Case Study.  To conduct your analysis on the  treatment approach, amuse use one of the afterward methods: You can chase the following:   Monitor on Psychology  (webpage, opens in a new tab). In the chase box, blazon the ataxia you  identified.  Then, you can locate an commodity about a analysis  approach. You can additionally chase the PsychArticles Database, which you can admission application the afterward steps.  First bang on:  SPC's LibraryOnline   (webpage, opens in a new tab).  Then, bang "Search Online."  Next,  click "Databases by Subject."  Next to "Social Sciences," bang  PsychArticles.  In the chase box, blazon the ataxia you identified.  Then, you can locate an commodity about a analysis approach. You can additionally chase Google Scholar  (webpage, opens in a new tab).  Google Scholar alone provides an  abstract, which is a summary.  After you locate an abstruse on Google  Scholar, you will charge to locate the abounding commodity on SPC's LibraryOnline (webpage, opens in a new tab). In your own words, abridge the analysis admission you articular from the analysis you conducted.  Amuse abstain commendation the bookish journal; instead, call the analysis admission with abyss and in your own words. Use APA appearance for in-text and advertence folio citations.

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