Week 5 Appointment - Case Study: Transforming the Organization Use the Week 5 Case Study Template [DOCX] to complete this assignment.  Congratulations! The admiral are demography your advice arrangement angle seriously. In fact, they think it has the abeyant to transform the way the alignment works. The CIO asked you to apprehend Too Abundant of a Good Thing to ahead about what assets you will charge to get your new information arrangement up and running. Amuse additionally appearance the video How Tech Companies Are Revamping the Remote-Work Experience so you can acclaim a change administration arrangement for your aggregation to follow.  Write a announcement to the CIO that describes how to apparatus your advice arrangement into the organization. Amuse focus on these topics: How abundant of the accomplishing appointment can you handle? What added assets (people, information, time, money, et cetera) will accelerate the action so you don't end up like Susie Jeffer? What is your change administration strategy? Accommodate an outline. Consider: What new accessories and software are necessary? What training and abutment will the agents need? How will the agents complete their appointment during the alteration period? Do you ahead alternative areas of resistance? The CIO is actual skeptical, so accommodate affirmation that your appraisal is authentic and complete. It can be difficult to accept to claimed limitations! Your announcement should be 3–5 pages long. If you use sources to abutment your autograph for this assignment, accept sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite anniversary antecedent listed on your antecedent folio at atomic one time aural your assignment. For advice with research, writing, and citation, admission the library or analysis library guides. This advance requires the use of Strayer Autograph Standards. For abetment and information, amuse accredit to the Strayer Autograph Standards articulation in the left-hand card of your course. The specific advance acquirements aftereffect associated with this appointment is: Develop an advice systems band-aid to abode an authoritative problem THE ATTACHEMENT IS JUST AN EXAMPLE

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