Case Study Sixty-Three: Pray with Me/ MHA 6999 Week 4 Discussion

Week 4 Discussion                                       Supporting Lectures: Review the afterward lecture: Healthcare Discrimination Discussion Questions Before alpha assignment on this altercation forum, amuse analysis the articulation “Doing Altercation Questions Right” and any specific instructions for this topic. Before the end of the week, activate commenting on at atomic two of your classmates’ responses. You can ask abstruse questions or acknowledge about to the all-embracing experience. Be objective, clear, and concise. Always use effective language, alike in criticism, to assignment adjoin the ambition of absolute progress. Submit your responses in the Altercation Area. Introduction: Case Study Sixty-Three: Adjure with Me You are the Vice President of Nursing Services in a nondenominational association hospital, and you accept a complaint from a accommodating who is a Wiccan. When the accommodating and her primary affliction nurse, Penny Baker, were discussing her religious practices and how she prays, Penny’s actual supervisor, Ruth Goose, absolved into the allowance and stated, “Thou shalt not ache a witch amidst you,” and told Penny not to altercate the “satanic religion” with the accommodating any more. The accommodating demands an acknowledgment and threatens to go to the media. She feels she has been discriminated adjoin because she is a Wiccan and that her accommodating affliction acquaintance was poor during her analysis because of her airy beliefs. You assemble a affair with Penny and Ruth. Ruth is cutting a ample gold cantankerous on her neck. Penny wears no adornment and is dressed in her dejected scrubs. When you ask Penny what happened, Ruth answers for her. “She did the appropriate thing. We don’t accept to adjure with witches. They adoration Satan. It’s blasphemy. What’s next? Human sacrifice?” Penny can’t get a chat in edgewise. Ruth keeps repeating “Thou shalt not ache a witch amidst you, it says so in Leviticus!” What should you do? Tasks: Discussion Questions What are the facts of this case? What is the attributes of the authoritative behavior problem? What are the three factors accidental to this dilemma? What are the top three administration issues in this case? Who should be amenable for acclamation these authoritative issues? What affectionate of differences in airy and religious practices are you accustomed with? What if the accommodating had asked Penny to adjure with her? Should she accept done so? Altercate the pros and cons of praying with patients. Accommodate your reflections and claimed opinions as able-bodied as your recommendations for acclamation the affair of praying with patients. Submission Details: To abutment your work, use your advance and arbiter readings and additionally use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, adduce your sources in your assignment and accommodate references for the citations in APA format. Your antecedent announcement should be addressed at 500–1000 words as acclaimed in the absorbed PDF. Submit your certificate to this Altercation Area by the due date assigned. Be abiding to adduce your sources application APA format. Respond to your classmates throughout the week. Justify your answers with examples, research, and reasoning. Follow-up posts charge to be submitted by the end of the week.

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