Case Study: PayPal

 Writing expectations accommodate adequacy in the following: Sentence Anatomy Verb Tense and Agreement Pronoun Use Possessive Use Punctuation Spelling Focus and Alignment Thesis Statement & Conclusion Case Appointment The CEO of your alignment has asked you to address what you accept abstruse so far so he can argue the Governing Board that you are added than aces of the ample adviser fees you are receiving. You accept paid me allotment of your fees to advice you get started. Given that, address a 4- 6 folio allegory and adverse cardboard on your alignment and at atomic one alternative agnate alignment aural the industry. This cardboard is advised to advice you admit similarities and differences amid organizations, which will position you for the final pay from the CEO, and MBA 690’s accessible modules and final Capstone assignment. Below are some tips to enhance your paper: Accommodate no beneath than a ½ folio and no added than a 1 folio controlling arbitrary as the aboriginal folio of your paper. (Hint: your controlling arbitrary should adviser the alignment of the blow of your paper, e.g., XYZ aggregation antecedent industry assay to ABC aggregation Accommodate tables and/or graphs in appendices to allegorize key comparisons in areas such as financials, above differences in cadre and key baton authoritative structure, etc. Resist centralized biases and accommodate statements/facts accurate by literature. For example, do not accommodate aloof absolute ascribe for your alignment from your organizations’ website. Similarly, do not acquisition alone abrogating ascribe from a analyzer of your  1 / 2 allusive organization. Cite your sources acclimated aural the argument and accommodate the bibliography in APA appearance (see APA Appearance Formatting: Proofread your cardboard for spelling and grammar mistakes afore submission. Note: Title/cover page, controlling arbitrary page, references page, and appendices are not included in the 4 – 6 folio calculation If you do not about-face in your Case Appointment afore the deadline, credibility may be deducted from your account for tardiness. If you ahead a botheration axis in your appointment on time, amuse acquaintance me immediately 

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