Case Study Nivea

Case Study #8: NIVEA NIVEA, one of the better bark and face affliction brands in the world, was accustomed in 1912 and alien to the German markets. Germany has connected been a centermost for bark affliction and cosmetics, and NIVEA was the baton and has connected to be one of the best accustomed articles in the market. With its cast angel based on its articles actuality clean, fresh, and accustomed it has become a around-the-clock artefact accustomed by its dejected tin and white blazon face. Its aboriginal alien NIVEA Creme in 1912, and became the abject of their cast and was accepted as the “caretaker” of skin. For best of the lifep of NIVEA Creme it was about the sole adversary in the face chrism market, and so the consumers were able to get to apperceive the cast and advance a abutting accord to the brand. It did not face antagonism until 1960 aback addition German aggregation launched Creme 21. Although it was an identical artefact to NIVEA’s Creme, Creme 21 was backed by a ample bulk of announcement aimed at the accumulation market. It is through this antagonism that NIVEA was affected to appraise their business action and cast image. While they were blessed that their cast angel was accustomed and accepted by the market, they were apparent how their cast had an “older” angel and was not beheld as young, dynamic, and avant-garde like the new competitors were. NIVEA’s decades of branding and assimilation into the accustomed lives of its consumers had congenital the disinterestedness for them that accustomed them to advance the bazaar advantage for as connected as they have. It is this cast disinterestedness they had congenital over so abounding decades that had accustomed them to acclimatize their branding strategy. Though sales of NIVEA Creme had become stagnant, the aggregation developed a action which was bifold and accustomed for stabilizing the bazaar position of NIVEA and expands the backbone of NIVEA Creme by appointment its cast disinterestedness to alternative artefact classes. NIVEA capital to bottle their acceptability for bark affliction and the bazaar position for NIVEA Creme while it was additionally appropriate it from the competition. To do this they accomplished that while best ads showed NIVEA articles actuality used, they had never anon defined the articles benefits. By acclamation these artefact allowances they are adverse the competitor’s claims. The additional allocation of this plan was to acquaint new products. They targeted new and growing bazaar segments in which they could extend the NIVEA brand. They capital to use these to acclaim and augment the acceptation of the NIVEA cast name and use the disinterestedness already acquired by NIVEA Creme. This affair is agitated through the cast bureaucracy as well. A set of seven altered belief was set to ensure that all articles reflected the adapted NIVEA cast angel and were constant with the aesthetics of accouterment aerial affection bark affliction products. NIVEA Creme was advised the company’s best important artefact because it accustomed the cast and its identity. Sub-brands accept the advantage of announcement the mother brand, establishing cast adherence beyond assorted segments, and absorb the bazaar from competitors. The botheration with sub-brands is that they can accept a abrogating appulse or booty abroad from the sales of the mother brand. “The role of the sub-brands was to abide to baby to specific bark affliction and claimed affliction needs of their ambition bazaar segments and accord aback their accurate artefact chic associations to reinforce and busy on the angel of NIVEA as a bark affliction specialist. ” With this administration NIVEA should accomplish beneath an awning ad for all of their products. An awning cast about covers assorted articles which are added or beneath accompanying to anniversary other, and with NIVEA’s baby announcement budget, this would be the best way to aerate their business efforts with altered artefact categories all accustomed the NIVEA cast name. The awning action additionally fits in with the NIVEA Creme announcement because with their ethics of timeless, ageless, motherhood and blessed family; bluntness and abidingness and the artefact allowances of affability and affection they can alteration all of these amount cast qualities through the NIVEA name to its sub-brands. The botheration that NIVEA had was that all of their sub-brands were actuality handled as abstracted announcement plans, while they all were in band with the amount values; they did annihilation to absorb anniversary of their branding strategies together. By application the awning branding action they can accompany all of their articles beneath one name and accomplish a added adamant branding action that will account all of their sub-categories. One affair that I accept is captivation the NIVEA cast aback is that they are so focused on not accident blow with the aboriginal artefact of NIVEA Creme, aback absolutely they appetite to authority assimilate the amount ethics which came with it. I accept they charge to attending at the bazaar action and apparatus the amount ethics that were acquired from this aboriginal artefact but additionally attending at the bazaar and see if they are still actuality successful. If not, again they charge to amend NIVEA Creme’s adjustment in the bazaar and see whether or not it should be alone or downgraded in their admirable arrangement bazaar and announcement strategies.

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