Case Study for Sirphilipjunior

  Mr. R is a 48-year-old Hispanic man who has formed the accomplished 10 years as a barn worker. He is 5’6”, weighs 175 pounds, and has a waist ambit of 38”. At his aftermost appointment at your office, his claret burden was 140/60 mm Hg. Prior to the visit, he had abnegation claret assignment done, and his primary affliction provider affairs to analysis the after-effects with him today. The pertinent analytic after-effects are as follows: a abnegation claret glucose akin of 137 mg/dL, an HDL akin of 27 mg/dL, LDL akin of 247 mg/dL, a serum triglyceride akin of 210 mg/dL. Use the afterward prompts as guidelines while assuming and autograph your case study: Identify what this alone is best at accident for based on the advice presented in this case above. Explain the acceptation of this individual’s weight and waist diameter. Explain how this alone is at added accident for insulin resistance. Explain briefly the differences amid hypoinsulinemia, hyperinsulinemia, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia as anniversary chronicle to an alone with blazon 1 diabetes mellitus and blazon 2 diabetes mellitus. For added details, amuse accredit to the Case Study Guidelines and Rubric certificate in the Assignments and Rubrics area of the course.

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