Case Study: Does Sony Need to Trim Down?

3-2 Case Study: Does Sony Need to Trim Down? Submit your 3-2 Case Study here. Review the Banking Times video and use the resource-based appearance of all-embracing business action (IBS) by acclamation the following: Evaluate Sony’s five-year achievement against above all-around rivals, both banking and cardinal positioning. Characterize the arresting aspects of the all-around audio and video accessories and customer electronics industry amount chain. Conduct a VRIO assay of Sony’s above assets and competencies aural its amount chain. Do any competencies ability the “core” or “distinctive” akin over rivals? How do these chronicle to their called all-encompassing action and amount alternation activities? Summarize Sony’s strengths and weaknesses. What are the cardinal implications for Sony’s approaching IBS? Suggested Resources: Sony 2012 Annual Report and aggregation website Library Databases: Company information: OneSource and Amount Line Industry information: Net Advantage and MarketLine Commentary may accommodate Reuters, WSJ, Banking Times, or industry-related publications For added details, amuse accredit to the Case Study Guidelines and Rubric certificate in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics area of the course.

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