Case Study: Descriptive Epidemiology

 If you apprehend the “Health” folio (either cardboard or web-based) of any above account antecedent (e.g., The New York Times, CNN),  reports of the accident of bloom outcomes are accepted headlines. For  example, you may see the afterward or agnate headlines: “Breast Blight Increasing in Asian-American Women”  “Teenage Smoking at an All-Time Low” Have you anytime wondered area this advice comes from and what it absolutely means? Governmental agencies and alternative organizations commonly  collect anecdotic epidemiological statistics on abounding bloom outcomes.  For example, statistics on the accident of blight in the United  States accept been continuously calm back the aboriginal 1970s through  the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program of the  National Blight Institute. For this Case Abstraction Assignment, you will assay and  interpret anecdotic epidemiologic statistics. To adapt for this  Assignment, analysis the actual presented in the textbook. A case abstraction worksheet will be provided by your  instructor for this Assignment in the anatomy of a Microsoft Word document.  Download the worksheet and blazon your answers anon into the certificate  to complete the Assignment. Be abiding that your completed worksheet  contains your responses to all questions. Prior to appointment your Anecdotic Epidemiology Case Study, analysis the Module 2 Case Abstraction Assignment Rubric.

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