Case Study, Chapter 14, Medical Errors: An Ongoing Threat To Quality Health Care

A assistant administrator is reviewing accident letters of medical errors over the aftermost six months. The assistant administrator knows that medical errors are not the alone indicator of affection of care. They are, however, a common botheration in the accepted bloom affliction arrangement and one of the greatest threats to affection bloom care. The assistant administrator is putting calm a account of accessible solutions to abatement the cardinal of occurrences of medication errors.

1. Recognizing that bloom affliction errors affect at atomic one in every 10 patients about the world, the Apple Bloom Organization’s Apple Alliance for Accommodating Assurance and the Collaborating Centre articular antecedence affairs areas accompanying to accommodating safety. What are the accommodating assurance affairs areas the assistant administrator should accede for implementation?

2. Describe the Joint Commission 2017 National Accommodating Assurance Goals for Hospitals.

3. Discuss the Institute of Medicine’s four-pronged access to abbreviation medical mistakes? 

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