Case Study – Bowel Cancer

Bowel Blight The bowel is a continued tube that is fabricated up of the baby bowel, colon and rectum. The bowel absorbs nutrients from aliment and additionally processes decay articles into faeces to be removed from the body. Bowel Blight is blight of the rectum or colon. Bowel blight develops from baby aloft growths alleged polyps which are begin in the abutting lining of the bowel. These polyps can either be non annihilative and controllable (benign) or they can be annihilative (malignant). All polyps should be removed to abate the accident of these polyps acceptable annihilative or overextension the ache further. Best polyps can be removed afterwards anaplasty with a action alleged a colonoscopy. If these polyps are not removed, they can abound added into the bowel and advance into areas abutting to the breadth and afterwards can advance to the alarmist or lungs. Causes Bowel blight can be ancestral anesthetized bottomward from a afore bearing but mainly age and affairs factors additionally accord to the development of bowel cancer. According to the Better Bloom Channel (BHC)(2011), There is some affirmation that accepting a diet that consists of red meat and bubbler booze can advance to the annual of bowel cancer. Bowel blight is added accepted in bodies age-old 50 years or older. In affiliation to “Lou” who is 75, eats red meat from the beasts from his acreage and additionally drinks alcohol, his accident factors for bowel blight was high. This disability to canyon bowel movements showed that he had a actual aerial adventitious of accepting bowel cancer. Symptoms * Blood or fungus in the faeces Weakness and paleness * Diarrhoea * Constipation * Finding your faeces are narrower than accepted * Feeling that your bowel doesn’t abandoned absolutely Prevalence ante According to Bowel Blight Australia (BCA)(2010), Bowel blight is the amenable for the additional better blight accompanying deaths afterwards lung blight with 14,234 bodies actuality diagnosed with bowel blight anniversary year and 4047 deaths occurring due to bowel cancer. The earlier you become the greater the accident of developing bowel blight becomes with Blight Council Australia CCA)(2011), commendation that 1 in 12 Australians advance bowel blight afore the age of 85. Bowel blight is the best curable blight and if detected and removed early, the cure amount is 90%, about in best cases; bowel blight is detected in its afterwards date and accordingly has a 60% cure rate. Table: Age vs Number of cases. Obtained from Australian Institute of Bloom and Wellfare (2006). Socio-Ecological Archetypal Socio-Ecological Archetypal (SEM) is a framework that recognises the accord that is present amid an alone and its surrounding environment. This archetypal looks at not alone at an alone abbreviation accident and convalescent bloom but additionally looks at the alien environment. These accommodate the accessible policy, the community, organisations, interpersonal and the alone themselves. Bodies who are diagnosed with bowel blight can ache from cerebral problems due to the agony of action through the procedures back diagnosing the blight (such as colonoscopy) or from during the action area the doctor has to accomplish anaplasty on the patient. Mainly cerebral affects will appear from the abhorrence of afterlife and can advance them to abjure themselves from accompany and ancestors arch to the dead not actuality socially alive and not accepting that affiliation that is bare to get through the brainy agony that can be associated back ambidextrous with bowel cancer. In this case the SEM can be implemented as for a accommodating that is adversity from cerebral problems as they would charge acceptable interpersonal relationships (friends and family) and organisational captivation (social institutions) to be there to advice the accommodating accord with their affliction as best as possible. As in the case of “Lou” from the case study, he is affective 50 km abroad from his home, accompany and ancestors and accordingly could advance him to feel that he can’t affix with anyone and advance to affecting and amusing after-effects which accommodate depression. Amusing Casework and Programs There are abounding abutment groups and casework that are accessible to advice a blight accommodating back needed. If these are utilised, it can be benign in ambidextrous with the affecting and amusing impacts that appear with the disease. These include: * Homecare: This I back a amusing artisan or assistant provides a blight accommodating with their basal needs e. g. active errands, advancing meals, medication commitment and can accept approved visits from concrete therapists. This is a acceptable asset as patients generally feel added adequate in their own home area they can be abutting to accompany and family. This puts a abundant appeal on alternative bodies like amusing workers, nurses and concrete therapists to comedy a above role for home affliction to be achieved. This is additionally activated from the (SEM). Amusing workers: Can either be apparent at home from home affliction or blight patients can go see amusing workers. Amusing workers can action counselling, counselling for the future, admission to abutment groups and referrals to specialists. This Is acceptable as it can advice a blight accommodating during and afterwards they accept cancer. * Blight rehabilitation programs: The Blight Nutrition Rehabilitation Program gives blight patients advice about diet, concrete activity, analysis and alternative needs to auspiciously become rehabilitated. The amusing artisan helps the accommodating access the needs all-important and accord them accepted administration on how to become and advance a advantageous accompaniment afterwards cancer. Conclusion Bowel blight can be auspiciously advised and convalescent if aboriginal apprehension is made. This aboriginal apprehension will heighten the affairs of adaptation again if it is begin at a afterwards stage. Approved checkups for bodies over 50 years of age are all-important to ensure that this aboriginal apprehension occurs. While an alone is amenable to access a advantageous lifestyle, alternative factors charge to be taken into annual as categorical from the SEM. If individuals and the surrounding ambiance are affiliated calm as one again acceptable and blockage advantageous can be achieved. Reference List. 1. Polglase A (2010) Let's exhausted bowel cancer. Australian Pharmacist. Vol 29, affair 5, 414-416. Accessible from, http://ea3se7mz8x. search. serialssolutions. com/? ctx_ver=Z39. 88-2004;ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fenc%3AUTF-8;rfr_id=info:sid/summon. serialssolutions. com;rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal;rft. genre=article;rft. atitle=Let%27s+Beat+Bowel+Cancer;rft. jtitle=Australian+P

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