Case Study Analysis

  Using the absorbed abstracts abode a anxious 10-page anecdotal report, afterward APA formatting guidelines, amalgam the bookish abstract and advice from the chic argument while acclamation the capital agreeable areas declared below.  · RELEVANT HISTORY and PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Are there any accordant aspects of the client’s history or the client’s characteristics, as appear in the Case Study, which ability be accordant to compassionate his or her accepted circumstances? How ability you abode those? If none are anon mentioned, what aspects would you appetite to analyze about or assess? · ASSESSMENT & DIAGNOSIS: Referring to DSM-5 belief for the disorder(s) in question, altercate specific affection that would advance to a assay in this case.  What type(s) of appraisal would be best relevant? Are there affection that are NOT axiomatic that would charge to be confirmed? Do you doubtable the attendance of alternative brainy bloom diagnoses?  · CAUSAL FACTORS: What approach or theories ability best explain the development of this ataxia in this individual? What factors - Biological, Psychological, Sociocultural – acceptable played the best cogent role in the development of the affection as they are presented in the case? Be as specific as possible. · TREATMENT: Which assay modalities action the best acceptable advice for this client? What specific techniques would be recommended? · PROGNOSIS: Based on your compassionate of the case, what do you accept is the acceptable cast for this client? How would you ascertain assay “success” in this case? What factors ability access that success or failure? The cardboard will end with a minimum of two absolute paragraphs summarizing credibility fabricated and articulating a claimed absorption (written in the first-person) of the case abstraction assay process.

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