This case will focus accurately on endocrine and neural biologic treatment.

Prompt: Consider the afterward scenario: Bill, age 70, came to the assay accompanied by his wife. Bill was alpine and cheerful, greeted the doctor warmly, and again started walking about the allowance a bit until he accomplished he was declared to sit down.

 As the physician asked Bill questions for the history, he answered some, and smiled at all of the questions. Bill’s wife, Cecilia, abounding in the answers that Bill was not abiding of. Both Bill and Cecilia seemed to be acclimated to her admiring role in allowance Bill bethink things.

Bill had retired as an accountant two years earlier. In the aeon back retirement, Bill had accomplished the point that he could not antithesis his checkbook. Cecilia handled that task, as able-bodied as administration money and change while shopping. This change in Bill’s use of numbers was so sudden, she said, that she wondered if article could be done to advice Bill.

Bill smiled at both Cecilia and the doctor, and shrugged his shoulders.

After accomplishing a absolute concrete exam, a psychometric evaluation, and a cranial MRI, the final analysis was Alzheimer’s disease.

The doctor ordered some medications accurately for this disease. An anticholinergic was assigned to cure the disease. The physician additionally ordered vitamins B1, B6, B12, and E. Nutritional support, concrete exercises, cerebral activities, assurance precautions, and alternative suggestions were recommended.

 In a abbreviate paper, the afterward analytical elements charge be addressed:

● Identify the incorrect medication/drug classification/treatment and explain why it is incorrect.

● What biologic allocation would you use instead? Why?

● Provide an archetype of a all-encompassing medication from anniversary biologic classification. How would anniversary of the medications/treatments in the book act on the patient's body?

Support your acknowledgment with accordant resources

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