Case Study #5 review the assigned case study and respond to the questions with a substantial (250-word minimum ) NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED IN ONE HOUR!

Bonnie is a 70-year-old woman who lives alone. One evening, she acquainted addled and dizzy. Back her arch began to ache, she absitively to booty an analgesic and go to bed early. The afterward morning, aloft awakening, she was clumsy to move the bedsheets with her appropriate arm. At this point, she was experiencing amazing sensations in her limbs, and she had adversity befitting her balance. She dialed 911 for help, and by the time the ambulance arrived, she was abashed and clumsy to clear her words although she knew what advice he was allurement of her. In the hospital, she was advised and advised for ischemic stroke. Compare and adverse hypoxia and ischemia. What action is added alarming to the brain? Explain your answer. Knowing what you do about the furnishings of ischemia on the brain, why would addition with ischemic achievement advance bookish edema? What blazon of aphasia was Bonnie announcement back talking to her caregivers? Explain your answer.

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