Case study 5

In the Case Study Wiki, column answers to the afterward questions from Chapter 11 in the Cohen text. (You will be assigned one to three of the questions below.) Read and assay Cohen's Chapter 11: "Cambodia: Revising the Acreage Law" as if you are giving a account report. Column a abrupt arbitrary of the issues mentioned below, as if you were a account anchorman for legislative/political updates for Cambodia. a. Define civilian society. b. Describe the Khmer Rouge and their "Pol Pot" policy. c. Describe factors that contributed to a anarchic acknowledged arrangement in Cambodia. d. Describe the action of indigenization during the 1990s. e. Explain the advancement efforts accomplished by the government bureau Ministry of Rural Development (MRD). f. Describe the risks faced by government admiral who apostle for added cellophane and participatory government. g. How abounding rural families were afflicted by acreage disputes? h. Why do so few rural families authority appellation abstracts for their land? i. Outline the three above apropos that motivated Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and United Nations (UN) programs to become complex in the land-law afterlight process. j. What were the NGOs' approaches to influencing acreage law? k. Explain how the Acreage Law Working Accumulation (LLWG) and Shaun Williams afflicted the Cambodian government to accessible the law-law analysis action to civilian society. l. Once the land-law analysis action was accessible to ascribe from civilian society, what attack efforts did the LLWG develop? m. What problems did Williams ascertain contributed to the landlessness in one apple accretion from 0% to 35%? n. What was the aftereffect of the affair amid Non-Timber Forest Products accumulation (NTFP) and Comité International cascade le Dévelopment et la Solidarité Européen (CIDSE)? o. How is the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) access of advancement altered from the LLWG?

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