Case Study 5

The readings for this anniversary focus on assorted types of nonparametric tests. In this altercation we will administer those concepts to the assay of a case study. Read the “Diet and Health” case abstraction presented in Chapter 20 of the Online Statistics Education text. In the anatomy of your posting, accommodate an overview of the afterward based on the analysis questions, “What is the accord amid diet and assorted measures of bloom and disease?” Hypotheses: List the statistical characters and accounting explanations for the absent and another hypotheses for the study. Variables: Call the absolute and abased variables, their levels, operational definitions, and characteristics (e.g., calibration of measurement). Data Analysis: The table of frequencies in the case abstraction accept been presented to you, forth with the following: χ2 = 16.55, p = .001. Summarize the specific blazon of statistical analysis conducted, the after-effects obtained, and abstracts apropos the hypotheses (e.g, can we adios at the .05 or .01 level?). Be abiding to call why this specific nonparametric analysis was selected. Critique: Critique the after-effects of the study, advantageous specific absorption to the account of the analyses conducted, any biases or assumptions that were made, applied acceptation of the results, and recommendations for convalescent aloft the abstraction (methods or analyses).

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