Case Study

In this project, you will appraise the way acknowledged leaders advance an interpersonal set of “soft skills.”  A “soft skills” set helps a baton body relationships aural an alignment to advance the eyes and mission of the business.  Soft-skills (a absolute attitude, acceptable advice skills, and a acceptable assignment ethic, aerial affecting and cultural intelligence) are claimed attributes acute for a leader’s success. In this project, you will be autograph a report.  Skill Building: You are additionally commutual this activity to advice you advance the abilities of research, analytic thinking, autograph a report, and assessing administering skills Skills: Research, Writing, Analytic Thinking, Administering Soft Skills, Claimed Brand Outcomes Met With This Project: assess the interactions amid the alien ambiance and the alignment to advance amenable and able administering and authoritative practices Develop alone awareness, style, and advice abilities that enhances administering skills Integrate and administer analytic attempt and abilities to accomplish cardinal decisions Read the afterward case scenario: Biotech Health and Life Articles (Biotech) is attempting to advance new business in Saudi Arabia and Angola.  Each country has an accessible position for a Sales Analysis Director that needs to be filled.  You are adequately new to the job and your boss, Walter Pidgeon, has asked you to assay the candidates and accomplish an assay on the advice to actuate who you accept will be the best candidates for anniversary country.  You apperceive Mr. Pidgeon is a stickler for exactness, and is testing you because there is one best applicant that he has already articular but has not aggregate his choice.  He wants to see how you are avant-garde in the job and wants to see if you are accessible to assignment apart and able of accomplish analytic hiring decisions.  Mr. Pidgeon is additionally absolute that all workers abutment his or her acumen and abstracts application abstracts and assay as accomplishing so brings authority to the analysis.  Mr. Pidgeon brand to say he is from Missouri (the Show-Me State), so he appetite you to appearance him the abutment so he can appraise your adeptness to anticipate critically.  Your job is important to you and you appetite to appearance Mr. Pidgeon that you accept the abeyant to do able-bodied in the job.   Completing the Report You will address a address addressed to Mr. Walter Pidgeon, Vice-President of International Sales that provides your alternative of the two best candidates for the Sales Director positions. Read the country information, the Biotech Aggregation Profile, and the descriptions of the four candidates for the Sales Analysis Director’s position, begin below.  Country Information Guide to Saudi Arabia Etiquette Customs Ability Business Saudi Arabia Guide Every Culture: Saudi Arabia Doing Business Guide: Angola Commisceo Global Country Guide Angola Global Negotiator Keys in Accomplishing Business in Angola Job Descriptions Sales Director in Angola: Applicant charge accept catholic extensively.  Has captivated a acknowledged sales career in either pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals.  Must accept antecedent acquaintance arch a agents of at atomic 20 people.  Foreign accent delivery adopted in Portuguese or French. Sales Director in Saudi Arabia: Applicant charge accept catholic extensively. Has captivated a acknowledged sales career or has affectionate ability of either pharmaceuticals r nutraceuticals.  Has antecedent acquaintance arch a agents of at atomic 20 people.  Foreign accent delivery adopted in Hejazi Arabic. Candidate Descriptions Candidate 1- Alberta Raynard Alberta Raynard is 28 years old with three years of college.  She currently is finishing her amount online at UMUC.   Raynard is a business administering major.  She works full- time for NIH in its hospital pharmacy.  She has been purchasing drugs for the hospital for the aftermost three years.  Raynard is actual accustomed with Biotech’s artefact band as able-bodied as its competitors.  Raynard is affable but has a quiet demeanor.   Her accomplishments was that of an “Army Brat.”  Raynard catholic with her parents and is accustomed with several countries including Angola.  She speaks French at an avant-garde akin but is not yet chatty in the language.  Despite the acknowledgment to assorted cultures, Raynard still finds it demanding to collaborate with bodies who do not accept a European or American background.  She feels uncomfortable, not because of ethnocentrism, but because she does not appetite to affront them from abridgement of cultural knowledge. Raynard’s Myers Briggs personality analysis appearance her to be an ISTJ. She does not abide abundant nonsense from people, hates surprises, and wants bodies to be abrupt in talking with her.  She brand the abstraction of the collaborative ambiance of Biotech and responded able-bodied to the abstraction that her opinions and suggestions were consistently welcome.  However, she bidding some affair that earlier advisers ability acquisition her too adolescent in her access to leading.  She has begin that structure, procedures and rules accept formed bigger than allurement for ascribe but she attributes this to her Army background.  She would like to be added accessible with others but her age and sex accept fabricated her feel that she charge be added academic with others if she is to acquire and accumulate their trust.  When asked how her agents perceived her, she laughed and said they alleged her a “Type A.”  When asked what characteristics she anticipation a baton bare to acquire to accomplish in the 21st aeon she replied, “…objective, practical, controlled and fair.”  Raynard said her administering appearance was transactional but the accuser is not abiding if it was not added authoritarian.  When asked what administering access she anticipation was best acceptable to assignment in the 21st aeon her acknowledgment was “Great Man, because it emphasizes the characteristics of a actuality who brand bluntness and trust.”  Raynard’s ability of the business was complete but back asked if anyone could be a baton she said no.  It was up to the position that a actuality holds.  When asked if she were up to the job and should she be placed in Saudi Arabia, Raynard replied, “If you mean, do I anticipate I can l advance in an all-male environment, sure?  I am acclimated to that experience.”  When asked, “What about selling?”  Raynard replied “I will accept that is a harder claiming but with time and connected contact, I accept that I can accomplish money for the company.”  When asked about her acknowledgment to Angola, Raynard said that she had beneath ability of the Portuguese accent than French but acquainted she could do business there in either language, and stated, “Anyway, best business bodies allege English in the country.” Raynard was abiding she could advance her abilities quickly.  Her alone absolute anguish was the actuality that accomplishing business in Africa was actual abundant about who you knew and at times bribery was expected.  This was not article she would do.  She was assured that Biotech would not do so either. Candidate 2 - Jose Ortega Ortega currently is the aggregation baton of the New Mexico sales analysis at Biotech. He is Biotech’s top salesman.  Ortega is 32 years old.  A contempo annulment from his wife has fabricated him acquisitive to analyze the world.  Ortega’s wife was Brazilian.  Ortega is chatty in Portuguese so “it would be a acceptable change to go to achieve altered and accept an adventure.  When asked, Ortega replied why he capital to leave the country.  He had not catholic badly but had gone to Brazil consistently with his wife back they were together.  He was accustomed with the problems of a developing country. Ortega enjoys alive with barter and spends a lot of time with them authoritative abiding they are satisfied.  His Myers- Briggs analysis characterized him as ESTP. Hernandez enjoys Biotech’s collaborative culture.  When asked what characteristics he anticipation a baton bare to accomplish in the 21st century, he replied, “…flexible, compassionate, astute and honest.”  He acquainted a acceptable baton should change rapidly in a crisis and should be absolute and absolute back ambidextrous with people.  When asked about the abstraction of aggressive bend he said “A baton has to anguish about authoritative money every day. It is important to accept actual after-effects for all to see abnormally in sales. Even barter adopt to accord with acknowledged sales bodies than those that clump along.”   Ortega believes he could do able-bodied in accession country if the aggregation ensured he accustomed accent and cultural training.  He knew that compassionate how bodies anticipation about business and their articles was important but added acceptable the auction would be clinched if he knew what was and wasn’t acceptable in the country in which he was selling.  He stated, “Knowing your audience is aggregate in sales.”  When asked how he created followers amid his employees, Ortega replied that he admired to accept rules but allowance for deviation, and brand to accommodate adaptability in the job while blockage results- driven.  Ortega said he was a situational baton because it encouraged freedom.  He said his admired administering access was accident access because it accustomed him to access things by the situation.   Candidate 3 - Jonathan Washington  Washington currently works for the sales analysis of Burt’s Bees.  He is 48 years old.  He acquired his accepted job adapted out confined in the military.  While accustomed with accustomed products, some of which are accompanying to those produced by Biotech, he is not accustomed with the medical aspects of best of the products.  Washington entered the account allowance all smiles and with a close handshake.  He was actual personable and addled an actual activity of amore and connection.  This afflicted the interviewer. He captivated connected eye acquaintance throughout the interview.  Washington was able to altercate the ability of both countries accepting spent time in both during his aggressive service.  He does not; however, allege a accent alternative than English.  His attitude about acquirements a new accent was somewhat adamant on this point.  Washington was declared as an ENFJ in his Myers-Briggs results.  When asked about his adopted assignment environment, Washington responded, “I accept individuals should focus on alteration things for the advancement of others.  I anticipate this is what the bodies of Angola could absolutely use and Biotech’s articles would advice change things for the better.” Washington additionally had apprehend about Biotech online and batten with accepted advisers above-mentioned to the interview.  He adumbrated that he was the aggregation baton in his accepted job and was agreeable with the organization.  However, his accepted job does not advance to a career position in management, which he desires.  Washington stated, “He leads with claimed activity and praise, put the bodies in the alignment at affluence but will appear to the needs of his people.”  He is alternate and cooperative.  The accuser was a little anxious that Washington may be too naïve about bodies and their limitations.  The accuser wondered if this affair may prove a botheration back ambidextrous with a ability for which he is alien and with sales of a artefact that is new.  Washington said he saw himself as a transformational leader.  He feels that acceptable administering is congenital on acceptable relationships with followers.  Relationship access seems to accomplish the best faculty to him for the 21st aeon because bodies may change assignment places and arch change is the future. Candidate 4 - Adrianna White Adrianna White is 36 years old. She is a distinct mother of two. She was a assistant for 8 years afore advancing to assignment at Biotech in the business breadth of the sales analysis in Chicago.  She has been alive for the aggregation for four years.  Her actual administrator appear that Adrianna is awful motivated and competent at her job.  Her administrator said that Adrianna’s better asset is that she “looked at challenges as opportunities and generally begin artistic solutions to problems that others had not considered.” White’s nursing years were spent at the University of Chicago in Orland Park. Amidst by a ample Muslim association the hospital gave classes in Arabic and White begin it actual advantageous in her assignment to appear Arabic classes.  She abstruse not alone how to backpack on a chat with non-English speaking patients but the names of abounding drugs and over-the-counter treatments.  White enjoyed her time in Orlando Park and begin the ability of the families actual accordant with her own account of family. White’s Myers Briggs after-effects adumbrated that she is an ENTJ.  When asked if she acquainted the Myers-Briggs description fit her she replied, “Absolutely! Abnormally the allotment that I accolade accident demography in the assignment environment. I do not anticipate ailing planned accident is wise, but you accept to booty a adventitious in sales.  It is not for the faint-hearted.”  Having apprehend about the befalling through the Biotech’s HR analysis website, White was aflame about the achievability of affective her career forward.  When asked if she were to get the job in Saudi Arabia, if it would present problems for her.  She alone said. “Initially, but if she planned things out well, amidst herself with acceptable bodies and abstruse about her audience she was abiding she could affected the cultural drawbacks to actuality a woman.” On the alternative hand, White advisedly admits that she knows little about Angola. She has apprehend some advice and thinks she could apprentice accession accent if she is accustomed advice and the time bare to learn. White has abounding avant-garde account about accretion sales.  White’s evaluations are above and she works able-bodied with her team.  Her colleagues advance that she is adjustable and a people-first person.  Her eye acquaintance is acceptable and she comes off as actuality actual authentic.  She describes her administering appearance as a alloy of situational and relational.  The accuser acclaimed that at times she seemed to be added approaching aggressive in her comments and may charge to anguish added about the actuality and now back accepting things done. Completing the Report You will use the country information, applicant advice and the advance actual to draw abstracts as to the best candidates that are acceptable to accomplish in affairs Biotech’s artefact band in Saudi Arabia and Angola.  In anecdotic the best candidates, you will baddest one best applicant for Saudi Arabia and one best applicant for Angola.  You will acclaim the best applicant for the two positions; Use the afterward elements to abutment the recommendation.  Be abiding to explain the acumen and abstracts of your accommodation application the advance material, the country information, Biotech's Aggregation Profile, and applicant information.  (Note:  There is a best applicant for anniversary position) Identify and altercate the cultural factors and demographic characteristics relied aloft to baddest the best candidates for the two positions;   Explain the role of high-low ability in the alternative of the candidates; Identify the personality ancestry that would assignment able-bodied for the Sales Analysis Director position; Identify the personality ancestry that would assignment able-bodied for a sales actuality in anniversary country (this is abstracted from the ancestry for the Sales Analysis Director in the antecedent ammo point); What indicators (facts) did you acquisition in the candidates account arbitrary that suggests the called candidates accept affecting IQ acceptable for the job and the culture? What indicators (facts) did you acquisition in the candidates account arbitrary that would advance their moral ambit ability fit the ability of the country? How will personality, affecting IQ, cultural IQ, and belief advice the applicant be acknowledged in the new job? In a branch for anniversary candidate, explain why the alternative two candidates were not selected. The Report You will address the address application Times New Roman, 12” font, single-spaced with double-spaces amid paragraphs and headings.  The cardboard should be about 3 pages excluding the appellation folio and advertence page.  It is important to address acutely and concisely. Use the afterward format: Section 1: Accession - abrupt accession to Mr. Pidgeon about the purpose of the report. Name this area "Executive Summary". Section 2: PROVIDE YOUR RECOMMENDATION for Saudi Arabia, briefly summarizing the capital affidavit why this actuality was chosen. (You will accommodate added detail later). Section 3: PROVIDE YOUR RECOMMENDATION for Angola, briefly summarizing the capital affidavit why this actuality was chosen. (You will accommodate added detail later). Section 4: Briefly highlight why the alternative two candidates were not selected. You will accommodate added detail later. The actual sections accommodate abundant abutment for your recommendations. They should be about one branch per section. Section 5: Cultural/demographic factors that announce your two candidates are added adapted than the alternative two. Section 6: Aerial context/low ambience factors that announce your two candidates are added adapted than the alternative two. Section 7 The personality ancestry that assignment able-bodied for the Sales Analysis Director and how these played a role in your decision. Section 8: The personality ancestry that assignment able-bodied for a sales actuality in that country, and how these played a role in your decision. (In accession to alive the ancestry for the Director, it is all-important to additionally analyze the ancestry bare for success in sales in general, decidedly as they chronicle to Angola and Saudi Arabia). Section 9: Evidence that your called candidates accept the all-important EQ for the job. Section 10: Evidence that your called candidates accept the adapted moral ambit for the job. Section 11: How personality, EQ, CQ, and belief of your called candidates will advice them be acknowledged in the new job. (What we're attractive for is a anticipation of how they will do abiding in this position.) Section 12: Conclusion - a abbreviate arbitrary to reiterate to Mr. Pidgeon why these candidates were chosen. Then, accommodate your references at the end.

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