Case Study

  This assemblage addresses the role of the technology able in an    organization and how advice technology (IT) systems access    organizational strategies. This case abstraction analyzes two retailers' business    models and strategies. Then, it looks at the role that technology and IT    personnel comedy in the assigned business case, and, finally, makes the    connection amid how IT influences those authoritative strategies. This    assignment allows you to anamnesis the abstruse concepts and shows you how to administer    those concepts to appearance a analytic alignment amid those requirements abstruse    in this assemblage and the assignment. Assignment  Instructions: Analyze the case abstraction blue-blooded "Who's the World's Top Retailer? Walmart  and   Amazon Duke It Out" on pp. 116-118 of your textbook. For this assignment, you will charge to: analyze the case  study comparing Walmart and Amazon's business models and      business strategies, explain the role  that advice technology plays in anniversary of these      businesses and call the  role of the assorted IT professionals complex in      this case,  explain how IT  helps access Walmart and Amazon's authoritative      strategies, and summarize your  findings in a two- to three-page   paper.

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