case study

   Case abstraction (1) Control activities abate risks that abuse objectives and appropriately accommodate reasonable affirmation that objectives will be achieved.  Risks awning both: · Threats of bad things happening  · And threats of missing opportunities.  Some ascendancy activities are arresting and accordingly can be photographed.  Instructions 1. Photograph two altered controls you beam about campus and/or the surrounding community. Use your acuteness and ingenuity. Anniversary aggregation charge assignment apart to aftermath a different set of pictures. (1 Mark) a. One of the controls photographed charge be ascendancy advised to abate risks of bad things happening b. The alternative ascendancy photographed charge be ascendancy advised to abate risks of missing opportunities (that is, controls advised to advice article acceptable happen). 2. For anniversary ascendancy action photographed:  a. Clearly announce whether the ascendancy is advised to abate the blackmail of bad things accident or the blackmail of missing opportunities.  b. Then briefly and alone describe:  i. The cold that the ascendancy action is advised to advice achieve. (2Marks) ii. The accident that the ascendancy action is advised to mitigate. (2Marks) (Note: The accident you call charge be article alternative than alone the changed of the objective.)  iii. How the ascendancy action is meant to accomplish (that is, how the ascendancy works). (2Marks) iv. As an centralized auditor, how would you analysis the ascendancy action to actuate whether it is operating effectively. (2Marks) Formal belief (1 Mark) The analysis cardboard charge accede with all of the afterward criteria: · Use Awning folio that contains (The analysis subject, Your Instructure Name, Your sections, the date of submission, your names) · Use A4 folio size. · Set all margins at 2 cm. · Use chantry Arial 12 and 1.5 band spacing. ( Use Bold and 14 for titles) · Paragraphs should be afar by a band space. · Footer: Insert folio number. · Header: address your apprentice ID and section.

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