Case Study

2000 words 

The case abstraction will include: assay of the applicant presentation, assessment, ameliorative attempt and best convenance guidelines to booty into consideration, ethical aspects of case study, and assay of the amusing context. 


Students will accept a appearance who has accomplished a agony from a abreast blur and assemble a academic case study. 

Select a appearance from one of the films below: 

• Spotlight 

• Waltz with Bashir 

• The Railway Man 

See references and admission to films below: 

❖ McCarthy, T. (Director). (2015). Spotlight [Motion picture]. Universal City, CA : Universal Studios. Videos are accessible to borrow from the library on a 7 day accommodation or acceptance can abreast access. 

❖ Folman, A. (Director). (2008). Waltz with Bashir [Motion picture]. Israel : Bridgit Folman Blur Gang.

❖ Brown, C, Curbishley, B, Paterson, A (Producers) & Teplitzky, J (Director) (2013). The Railway Man [DVD]. UK and USA: Archer Street Productions, Latitude Media, Pictures in Paradise, Silver Reel & Thai Occidental Productions. Videos are accessible to borrow from the library on a 7 day accommodation or acceptance can abreast access. 

Your case abstraction will charge to include: 

• addition to the case study 

• addition of the key characteristics of the applicant including the client’s amusing context 

• appraisal - agreeable of appraisal and the action of appraisal outlined 

• ameliorative attempt and best convenance guidelines to accede in alive with the client 

• affirmation based assay adapted for your client. Use the three-stage archetypal (Herman) to anatomy the ameliorative approach/es and interventions that you are advocating for your client. 

• ethical considerations in alive with the client 

• advertence to accepted abstract and affiliation of accordant approach into your altercation embedded throughout case study 

Structure of the case study 

This case abstraction needs to be structured in a agnate way to an article with an introduction, a body, which contains the aggregate of content, and a conclusion. 

As it is a case abstraction and not an article apprentice can use headings such as arbitrary of the applicant characteristics, client’s amusing context, key issues, and recommended evidence-based treatment. 

This appointment is accounting in the aboriginal actuality (the applicant has appear to you the counsellor) and third person. 

Make abiding you accept a acceptable antithesis amid anecdotic your case abstraction and analysing it. Many acceptance abatement into the allurement of actuality too anecdotic back autograph their case study. Some means to accommodate assay are: 

 Explaining and giving reasons 

 Comparing and contrasting 

 Making suggestions and recommendations 

Marking Criteria – Case abstraction essay 
Not Satisfactory Satisfactory Good Very good Outstanding 

1. Addition to case study/essay 

2. Key characteristics of applicant and amusing ambience outlined 

3. Adapted assessment- agreeable and processes discussed 

4. Ameliorative attempt and best convenance guidelines discussed 

5. Affirmation based assay adapted for applicant described 

6. Assay of ethical aspects of case abstraction outlined 

7. Affiliation of accordant abstract and approach to abutment your case study 
Structure, Presentation and Referencing 

1. Main account acutely and logically presented 

2. Presentation guidelines followed as defined in the acquirements abutment website ( and first/ third actuality autograph appearance is activated area required 

3. Academic autograph appearance is used, including actual spelling, grammar and punctuation 

4. Adapted cessation provided that summarises the key findings/ideas 

5. In-text referencing and advertence account follows APA referencing appearance (6th ed.) as set out in the APA website: 

6. Word calculation is aural + or - 10% of requirement 
No Yes 

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