case study

case abstraction of Marge's retail store   Take a attending at the attachment.  This gives you a beheld of Marge's retail store's accepted IT infrastructure.   Marge is attractive to enhance her online sales but afore she does she has alleged you to conduct a absolute blackmail appraisal and acclaim blackmail mitigations and controls above-mentioned to affective advanced with the new activity she is calling Application the Internet to Increase Sales.   Write a 3 to 5 folio cardboard with able APA formatting application the blackmail clay techniques we accept gone over appropriately far to bare any threats that jump out from the attachment.  Use analytical thinking, attending for advice flows, exposures, vulnerabilities, and so on.   Once you accept articular threats advance mitigations that would abate the accident of those threats.  Also, agenda that Marge is application a accessible IP amplitude of for the absolute arrangement basement i.e. one Local Area Network.   You should at a minimum bare 5 abeyant threats aural this architecture.  

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