Case study

   Summarize the afterward in 2 to 3 pages:  · Discuss issues aloft apropos Sanders' access in affiliation with the auction to Brown and Massey. · Include some of the alternative options that Sanders may accept advised alternative than the $2,000,000 banknote price. · Explain the affidavit for authoritative ascendancy over banking markets. Let's accept Colonel Sanders acquired a six-month accommodation of $150,000 Canadian dollars from an American coffer to accounts the accretion of a architecture for addition Canadian authorization in Quebec province. The accommodation will be repaid in Canadian dollars. At the time of the loan, the atom barter bulk was U.S. $0.8995/Canadian dollar and the Canadian bill was affairs at a abatement in the advanced market. The arrangement afterwards six months (face bulk = C$150,000 per contract) was quoted at U.S. $0.8930/Canadian dollar. · Explain how the American coffer could lose on this transaction bold no hedging. · Accept the coffer does barrier with the advanced contract, what is the best bulk it can lose?

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