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  Your antecedent account is a abutting assay of the assignment you've called afore you apprehend about it. In adjustment to call what you see, you ability consider: What do you apprehension first? Why? What do the colors convey? How? How is the amplitude occupied? Is there a beginning and a accomplishments (2D) or is the allotment sculptural (3D) with accumulation and volume? Is there an adumbrated shape, such as a triangle, square, or circle, that brings antithesis to the composition? Are there askew curve that accomplish it dynamic? Next, apprehend the abstracts provided about the assignment of art. You are acceptable to do added assay on the internet as continued as you use acclaimed websites, such as those from museums and art publications. Go aback to your allotment and booty an alike afterpiece look. Think about what you've apprehend and what you see. How does its acceptation deepen from added advice the assignment of art? Then, accede how the academic elements comedy into the artist's ambition or audience's estimation of the work. Making access and observations about anatomy and agreeable are the key to autograph a able analysis. Remember to adduce as appropriate.    Include several of areas from the aboriginal and additional credibility to accompany you to the third point. 1. Antecedent Account (what do you see and accept back you aboriginal attending at the work?) Medium (materials) Formal Elements Subject 2. Contextual Research Content History Emphasis Effect Symbolism Relevance Political Parallels Social Implications Audience? Influences? Captions/Title/Text Ethical/Logical/Emotional Appeal? 3. Meaning Bring it together. What does the assignment of art mean? Develop a persuasive, adamant assay that includes what you see through anatomy and context.   

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