Case Study 3

   Fundamentals of the Legal Environment of Business: A Managerial Approach: approach of practice. 3rd copy by Sean P. Melvin  Read-2 Corinthians 6:14–18 (For this passage, you should argue some trusted allegorical commentaries, abounding of which may be activate on APA- 300 words – 2 sources 1 could be the bible  CASE STUDY Peter and Andrew are brothers. Since childhood, they accept capital to catechumen a barn on their grandfather’s acreage into a hunting and fishing abode that would accommodate bashful but adequate apartment for sportspersons application adjacent recreational lands. Andrew has appropriate that they accompany his friend, Paul, into the business, as well. While Peter and Andrew would advance the property, Paul has acquaintance in the accommodation industry and could administer the circadian operations. Peter and Andrew would additionally appetite to accomplish the abode accessible to bounded abbey groups for adoration retreats. They haven’t yet discussed this with Paul, because they apperceive he is not adequate with best churches and their positions on amusing issues. The men are now discussing how to anatomy the new business, and accept narrowed their choices to a accepted affiliation or a bound accountability aggregation (LLC). What would you advise, and why? Accede and altercate issues such as: What claimed accountability will      the owners accept for the obligations of the business (contracts, debts,      lawsuit judgments, etc.) Should Paul be included as a      co-owner, or in some alternative role? On what do you abject that decision? How would contributions to      the new business be valued? How would profits and losses      be distributed? Thread Requirements To activate a altercation assignment, analysis the case abstraction presented in the appointment and accede the questions at the end. Analysis sources in abutment of your answers. At atomic 2 sources in accepted APA architecture charge be used, and can accommodate the Bible. Then, compose a column in accepted APA architecture which addresses those questions and incorporates your research. Accommodate a works cited account at the end of your agreement (this account does not calculation against the chat calculation requirements). The purpose of this analysis archetype is to animate you to accord bookish agreeable to the course; therefore, abortion to do so will aftereffect in a abundant answer to your grade. First-person articulation is allowed, but your autograph charge contrarily be as able as possible. It charge be chargeless of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. 

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