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This assignmet iclude 2 part  -------------- part 1:  Length: 2.500 words ± , excluding advertence account and addendum (12-point Times New Roman font, line-spacing 1.5 for the anatomy of the report, but distinct line-spacing for References and Appendix) Eye in the Sky (Gavin Hood 2016) – 102 minutes Sully (Clint Eastwood 2016) – 96 minutes Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (Justin Chadwick, 2013) – 146 minutes 12 years a Slave ( Steve McQueen (Links to an alien site.) 2013) - 134 minutes Captain Phillips (Scott Rudin (Links to an alien site.), Dana Brunetti (Links to an alien site.) & Michael De Luca (Links to an alien site.), 2013) - 134 minutes Lincoln (Steven Spielberg (Links to an alien site.), 2012) – 150 minutes Money brawl (Bennett Miller, 2011) – 133 minutes The Iron Lady (Phyllida Lloyd, 2011) – 104 minutes Secretariat (Randall Wallace, 2010) – 123 minutes Invictus (Clint East Wood, 2009) – 134 minutes The Aviator (Michael Mann (Links to an alien site.), Sandy Climan (Links to an alien site.), Graham King (Links to an alien site.) & Charles Evans Jr. (Links to an alien site.), 2004) -170 minutes Wall Street (Oliver Stone, 1987) – 126 minutes Your appointment is to analyse and appraise the capability of administration portrayed in the film, application the “framework for compassionate leadership” accustomed in the arbiter (DuBrin, 2015, Chapter. 1, p. 21, attached). PREPARING THE REPORT. Please agenda that you will charge to draw aloft added readings on leadership. You are accepted to analyze specific issues from the film, in adjustment to animadversion on the capability of the administration approved in it. You will charge to adduce assay abstract and accommodate a advertence list. The filmmakers may accept taken liberties with actual facts, but, for the purpose of this report, it is not an important issue. It is not accepted that you will do added assay into the being or affairs complex in the blur as this appointment is not about history—but it is a analytical assay of administration capability as depicted in the film. FORMAT. The appointment is to be presented in a abode format. A adviser such as the one by Summers and Smith (2014) can abetment you in advancing a report. You should include: (a) appointment awning area (b) appellation folio (c) controlling arbitrary (d) table of capacity (e) addition (f) several sections presenting your assay and altercation (g) cessation (h) references and (i) appendix. REFERENCES. The in-text citations and the advertence account should be presented in a accepted referencing appearance (Swinburne Harvard style). RESEARCH. Consulting and utilising the assay abstract is an capital aspect of this assignment. You are appropriate to analyze the accordant abstract apropos the aspects of administration you plan to abode in your report. You should use the abstract in a anxious address to appraise the capability of administration in the film. It is accepted that you will adduce a minimum of 12 refereed account accessories accompanying to administration from the aloft journals. FOCUS ON LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS. In this report, you are accepted to altercate issues which affect administration effectiveness. It is not a biographical report, a blur critique, or a actual report. While you may acquisition it advantageous to do some account about the bodies and situations featured in the film, the abode should focus mainly on administration effectiveness. Avoid all-encompassing biographical details, altercation on the actual events, or aspects of blur making. APPENDIX. The abode needs to accept an Addendum at the end, which provides affirmation of your observations. It should be presented in a table architecture with three columns: (1) Aspect of DuBrin’s Framework, (2) Characteristics Observed, and (3) Corresponding Arena (just call the arena area you accept empiric the characteristic, e.g., Arena depicting the Administrative Board hearing). Improve the readability of the addendum by selecting table backdrop intelligently (e.g., use Auto Fit to Contents, ascertain the attack row to echo beyond pages, do not acquiesce rows to breach beyond pages, etc.). Use distinct line-spacing for the absolute Appendix. --------------------- part 2 Your appointment is to address a absolute of 5 x 200-word account all-embracing reflections from anniversary of the weeks absorption on at atomic one above assignment learnt for your own administration development. These should be focused, personal, practical, candid, specific, and all-embracing reflections about what you accept abstruse about yourself. These acquaint ability chronicle the altercation in lectures, chic and/or tutorial, and/or what you learnt through the assigned readings, at your workplace, or about in the community. You additionally charge to analyze areas for advance to enhance administration capability and how you would go about accomplishing them. The aboriginal 5 weeks of reflections (weeks 1-5) are due at the end of Week 5. The additional 5 weeks of reflections (weeks 6-10) are due at the end of Week 10. Please agenda that this is a cogitating exercise, as such do not alone re-tell what happened in chic or what you apprehend in the reading. Rather, they are reflections of how a specific idea/lesson relates to your claimed and specific administration development in agreement of strengths, weaknesses, potentials, barriers, etc. A few questions to advice you anticipate about the account access are as follows: -Am I seeing myself as a baton now or as an arising leader? - How can I advance administration abilities from these account sessions/classes? - How does the acquirements claiming the way I see myself, my work, or the absolute world? - Why is it accordant to my career or approaching plan? - How am I activity to administer the idea/lesson in my own context? Are there some accountable challenges? - What is the activity plan?

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