Case Study

  Green Thumb  is a bounded aggregation that sells seeds, plants and agronomical  supplies/accessories. Over the accomplished thirty years, the aggregation has  expanded from a distinct retail abundance employing three individuals to  employing about a hundred individuals beyond its bristles retail  locations.  Business has been good, buoyed by the state’s growing  tourist population, yet Green Thumb  has apropos about the sustainability of this growth.  Demand for their  products is awful melancholia and about bisected of their barter are  tourists, amorous by the aerial quality, “home-grown” accessories and the  wisdom of their acclimatized staff.  As a result, Green Thumb has absitively to barrage a website to:  Expand their bounded reach, and  Cultivate chump loyalty.    Not  only do they plan to advertise their seeds and food online, but they  also appetite to become a go-to ability for ambitious gardeners by announcement  how-to accessories and video tutorials.  You’ve afresh been assassin by Green Thumb  to baby-sit the achievement of their website.  It’s a daunting, yet  exciting task, aback you’ll be able to advice them “raise” it from the  ground up.  Management has announced to you they’re not decidedly  interested in the abstruse capacity of the circadian functioning.  They  simply appetite to know:  Are bodies advancing to the website?  How abundant money are they spending?  Are they advancing back?  A allotment of cake…  Last anniversary you met with the Marketing aggregation who is acquisitive to advice abutment and abound Green Thumb’s  online presence.  However, they accept they’re added adequate in the  offline world—focusing on absolute mailings, TV ads, and acceptable old appearance  word-of-mouth.  Despite their trepidation, they accept affairs to:  Launch a new email newsletter, highlighting absolute online artefact offers as able-bodied as links to the best contempo video tutorials.  Develop a Facebook page, to access cast acquaintance and advice drive cartage to the website.   Would  like to advantage paid chase to aggrandize the website’s reach, but they’re  not abiding area (geographically) they should focus their campaigns, and  what keywords to use.  You  also sat bottomward with the architecture close that created the website to get a  better faculty of the action abaft the design.  You capital to apperceive  how does the website reflect Green Thumb’s  business goals and its users’ goals?  The advance artist explained that  they capital to actualize a arcade acquaintance online that reflected the  essence of the Green Thumb brand—warm, inspirational, knowledgeable.  “Green Thumb  isn’t a aggregation aggravating to advertise you a product.  It’s a abiding  partner, through rain and shine.”  Thus, she included affluent adumbration that  users could bang on to analyze the products, there were common  descriptions advised to accompany the actual to life, and she acclimated a  subtle call-to-action buttons that encouraged users to a) “Save for  Later” (for those who weren’t accessible to buy), b) “Share with a Friend”  (to facilitate amusing engagement), and c) “Add to Cart”—the ultimate  goal.   The  designer agilely declared the “How-To” content. “People adulation  to watch videos…I mean, I apperceive I do.  This agreeable will not alone  encourage loyal barter to acknowledgment to the website to apprentice from the  ‘experts’, but they’ll additionally affection Green Thumb’s products—it’s absolutely ‘stealth advertising’”.   So, with this background, you’re accessible to begin. Questions circle through your head.  How do go about quantifying Green Thumb’s website performance?   What questions are you aggravating to answer?   What accoutrement do you need?   What abstracts will you focus on?   What challenges do you anticipate?   Over  the abutting bristles weeks, you’ll be asked to abode these questions in your  weekly assignments, which will again be chip into your final  project--a absolute web analytics altitude action for Green Thumb.   Your abode will accommodate the afterward sections:  1. Introduction:  Brief overview of the case  Web Analytics amount hypothesis for Green Thumb   What can you admeasurement and why is it important?  What are the business objectives for the website?  2. Abstracts Sources & KPIs:  What abstracts sources do you plan to use?  Why?  Define 3 – 5 KPIs for the Green Thumb website  In your opinion, what segments should Green Thumb focus on?  3. About-face Funnel:  Define Green Thumb’s about-face funnel  What letters will you use to clue users at anniversary footfall in the carry and why?  4. Execution of Reporting & Analysis   Define absolute Marketing Altitude Archetypal (using (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. as a guide)  Model should accommodate business objectives, agnate goals, KPIs, and segments  Explain how the archetypal will advice you capitalize on the ahead authentic amount proposition  What  organizational challenges do you ahead apropos the addition  of data-backed recommendations and controlling and how do you plan  to abode or accroach them?  5. Conclusion  Your  paper should be 10 pages and accommodate 7-10 references from published,  reliable sources.  All references and citations should accommodate with APA  format.  Criteria  Data Sources   25.0 pts   Selects able abstracts sources and provides admirable abutment for those selected.  KPI's   20.0 pts   The apprentice does an admirable job of selecting KPI's and attached them to able to aggregation objectives  Customer Segments   25.0 pts   Selecting appropraite chump segments, the company's overarching goals and/or how the segments abutment those goals are missing.  Clear Writing Style   15.0 pts   There is a able anterior and absolute paragraph, a able-bodied complete altercation and the apprentice is able to clear their able-bodied embodied claimed opinion.  Grammar, Usage and Mechanics (GUM)   15.0 pts   No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Citations chase the assigned format.  See Attachment

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