Case Study Review the All in a Day’s Work Case Study (pp. 33-34) and acknowledgment the three altercation questions.  Responses to anniversary catechism should ambit from 100 words.   Your cardboard should reflect bookish autograph and accepted APA standards (12 point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, 1" margins, appellation and advertence pages).  Be abiding to use the argument and/or alternative sources to abutment your responses and appropriately adduce the use of such.    Describe the people-related problems or issues Ann Wood faced during the day.  Did she handle these effectively? If not, what do you accept she should accept done? 2. Is Ann Wood a high-involvement manager? If so, accommodate evidence. If not, how able-bodied do you anticipate she’ll accomplish in her new job as arch of marketing? 3. Assume that Ann Wood wants her managers and assembly to be the foundation for her department’s aggressive advantages.  Use the framework abbreviated in Exhibit 1.2 to appraise the amount to which Ann’s bodies are a antecedent of aggressive advantage at this point in time. All case study assignments charge accept at atomic 2 peer-reviewed sources (with a doi number) and the arbiter or 3 peer-reviewed sources. 

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