case study 12

  Case Study, Chapter 12, Affliction Management 1. Mr. Will, a 67-year-old patient, is postoperative day 2 afterwards a coronary avenue bypass affix operation to revascularize his coronary arteries that were decidedly blocked. He has a midline cavity of his chest and a 7-inch cavity on the close aspect of his appropriate thigh area a saphenous attitude affix was harvested and acclimated to vascularize the blocked coronary artery. The surgeon ordered Oxycodone 5 mg every 4 hours PRN for abstinent affliction and Oxycodone 10 mg every 4 hours PRN for astringent pain.  Considering the patient’s age, what medication administering considerations should the assistant absorb into the affliction administering plan and why? What measures should the assistant accommodate the accommodating to anticipate adverse furnishings of analgesic agents from occurring? What nonpharmacologic affliction administering methods should the assistant advise to Mr. Will to abetment with affliction management? 2. Mr. Rogers is 2 canicule postoperative of a thoracotomy for abatement of a cancerous accumulation in his larboard chest. His affliction is actuality managed via an epidural catheter with morphine (an opioid analgesic). As the assistant assumes affliction of Mr. Rogers, he is active and absolutely oriented, and states that his accepted affliction is 2 on a 1-to-10 scale. His basic signs are 37.8 – 92 – 12, 138/82.  What are allowances of epidural against systemic administering of opioids? The assistant monitors Mr. Rogers’ respiratory cachet and basic signs every 2 hours. What is the account for these common assessments? The assistant monitors Mr. Rogers for what alternative complications of epidural analgesia? Mr. Rogers complains of a astringent headache. What should the assistant do? Mr. Rogers’ epidural morphine and decreased advancement access his affairs of constipation. What interventions should be included in his plan of affliction to abbreviate constipation?

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